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Default Icon

How about an extension that would make everyone start out with a default user icon? For example: a silhouette of a person or something. That way the whole icon thing would be more apparent to new users. They would see that its something they can change. Also, it would make things look more even (everyones name is pushed to the left a little, instead of just people who uploaded an icon)


  • I second that request! I manually change my new users' icon to just that, a silhouette of a person!

    Actually I think that's my guest icon, the default is a smiley face.

    But your idea for this as an extension is great, I only wish I had the skills to tackle it.

    Also, a default account picture would be nice too. pic
  • Yeah, I wouldn't know where to start. I'm hoping somebody will take this on. Some automatic default icons would really be nice for a site I'm doing. And yes, although its not as important to me personally, a default account picture would be pretty cool too.
  • These two queries might do what you want (untested):UPDATE LUM_User SET Icon = "your/default/icon.png" WHERE Icon IS NULL; ALTER TABLE LUM_User ALTER Icon DEFAULT "your/default/icon.png";
  • Sounds great to me, would be a usable extension.
  • Thanks WallPhone.
    Ok, I really don't know php, but I finally got my new extension with those queries to not output errors (I told you I dont know php!) but it doesn't do anything. I'm probably just doing it wrong..
  • Oh... well that code isn't meant for an extension really--it's meant to tell the database itself to use a default icon.

    You would have to log in to a database management app, like HeidiSQL, MySQL or a terminal window to run that code. I took a casual look at writing an extension but nothing really stood out as a quick way to do it.
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    Hehe, well that explains it. Ok, ran it in MYSQL and it doesnt work:
    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'DEFAULT "http://m...' at line 2
    the url was too long but you get the picture
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    This oughta do it:ALTER TABLE `LUM_User` CHANGE `Icon` `Icon` VARCHAR( 255 ) NULL DEFAULT ''

    Tested it out and works great!
  • Ok that seems to have done it. Thank you!
  • Thanks for the idea Neverender.

    I've uploaded a Default Icon extension that displays a default icon and also has the option for a default picture, all without the need to make any changes to the database.
  • Great stuff, however it does not display the icon in the search member results?
  • I'm just working on an update with settings page etc. I'll take a look at adding the icon to the search page.
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    The latest version will display a default icon on the 'search' page but does require a new delegate.
    Until one becomes available ,the 'readme' includes information on how to edit the required file.

    Next version will include an option for setting a different default icon for guests.
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