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Redirecting for better rankings

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Hi, suppose you have 2 sites: A and B. They both have some inlinks. Question: if I setup a permanent redirect from site B to site A, will the search engines consider all inlinks to site B as links to site A? The purpose of this is to artificially increase the ranking of site A. Thanks


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    I bet they don't
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    The best way to get a good ranking is to have good content so lots of people behind lots of IP addresses; visit, search for and link to your site.

    Everything else is a waste of time and if it works it's either a coincidence or temporary and won't be for long.

    Oh, and good key-words and descriptions help too although I've seen many a high ranking site with pityful efforts!
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    AFAIK, it only counts as one link. Similar to the scenario of site B being a normal page with one link to site A.

    Although, the value of that one link depends on how many incoming links site B has.
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    @ Max_B: any evidence? what makes you so sure? @ Wanderer: totally agree, content is king, but imagine a company spending billions of dollars on producing quality content, will they not spend another million to promote it? the same way with websites, quality content is a must, without it the site is a waste of time, but content alone might not be enough, so various internet marketing tools come in handy.. @ WallPhone: well, there is fallacy here, because SE bots cant consider page B a page with a link to A, because page B does not exist anymore.. so, either they consider all links to B as links to A (since B now is A), or they simply ignore, which is very unlikely.. the logic tell me that the ultimate answer to the original question is YES, but i want to make sure and hear you opinion guys.. couse i am about to shut one of my sites like that, and i need to make sure its worth it..
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    dan39dan39 New
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    Using a 301 (ie permanent) redirect is really used for moving a site from A to B. What you are doing might be considered "deceptive" by some search engines. I don't know this for a fact, and I don't even know how they would do it. But, I do know that search engines have warning flags that get triggered when certain activity happens.

    If you are merging two domains together, my guess is that you'll be ok. 4 domains or more, and you're asking for trouble. It will help if your two domains have very similar content on them. Also, PR doesn't always transfer perfectly, so I've heard that it's best to redirect the domain with the lower PR to point towards the one with higher PR.

    You should also read the articles in the following Google search:

    A lot of it is speculation because Google (and other search engines) will not reveal their spam-fighting secrets. But, they have all publicly said that they are set on fighting deceptive SEO.
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    well, there is only one site that i want redirected,, and it has lower PR and it has very similar (and someimtes duplicate) conent.. i don't even know what a deceptive redirect is, i want to use permanent redirect (301 or whatever, don't remember).. could that be useful? edit: oh, look what i've found: "A deceptive redirect is a redirect that the user cannot detect and which sends them to content they were not expecting. The way you have used the 301 is not deceptive and is recommended by the search engines."
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