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Subcategories on categories page

edited October 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I was wondering if there is a way to show just a list of the parent categories when you click on the categories tab.
The 'child' categories could then be viewed by clicking on the parent.

The reason for this request is because I have many subcategoies and it takes a long time to scroll through the list to find the required one.

Or maybe there is a way to 'split' the catergories screen in half, so that 2 or more categories can be shown on the same line.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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    Just wondering if anybody was able to advise on this.
    I have been playing around with the settings, but haven't stumbled across a solution, yet :-(

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    Are you using the SubCategories extension? If you set it up right, thats basically what that extension does.
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    I am using the SubCategories extension.
    I'm now not sure if I have set it up right (I just uploaded into extensions folder and installed), as all the SubCategories are listed below the parent categories in the categories tab.

    Are you able to advise if I need to set up SubCategories extension in a different way to allow only the parent categories to show, until clicked?

    Many thanks
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    edited October 2007
    Well, if you look at the readme.txt file that came with the extension, it will tell you anything you need to do. But I'm thinking you didn't put the dash-space before your sub-category names. Or you didn't do it right, at least. Your categories should look exactly like this:

    Main Category
    - Sub Category

    So sub-categories should be named (dash)(space)sub category name
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    edited October 2007
    I think that perhaps I have not installed the Subcategory extension properly.

    I am using (dash)(space) sub cat name, and these are not showing beneath the Parent category when the categories tab is clicked.
    However, the sub categories do not display once the Parent is clicked.

    I have noticed that I am unable to change the order of categories, as I would normally, as the categories / sub categories will not move with the cursor in the category settings screen. Instead, the categories / sub cats just highlight blue!

    I will try to reinstall and see what happens.
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    Many thanks for your suggestions.
    Unfortunatley, having deleted and re-installed, the extension still does not seem to be working for me!
    I can either have just the parent categories (even when clicked)
    or a list of all parent and sub cats.

    I will have to have another think...
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    I'm certainly not an expert. Anyone else know whats wrong?
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    Did you copy the theme files into the appropriate theme folder(s)?
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    I did copy the the theme files into the correct folder.

    Since my last visit I re-read the Readme and have managed to correct the problem.
    Many thanks for all of your help.
    (I should not speed read the Readme's!!!)

    SubCategories # 28
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