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german Umlaute and encoding

edited July 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hello Vanilla-Community, I have a problem with german umlaute in my board. Some posting are unreadable, because the false encoding is used (I thnk). A good example for this problem can you see under the following URL: As you can see, in the second posting the Umlaute (ä, ö, ü) are unreadable. In the third posting and the following posts there is no problem. Any Ideas how I can fix this? tia and greetz, defel


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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I seem to recall the guy who wrote the Russian dictionary saying that he had to change the character encoding in Vanilla to Windows-1251 instead of the default utf-8. You can change the character encoding in the appg/headers.php file in this version of Vanilla. One of the enhancements for the next version of Vanilla is going to be the ability to change the character encoding based on the dictionary being used. It's in the enhancements list at
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    Hi Mark, thx for the hint. I have look around something and found, that Texttille was used in the second post. In all other Posts was plaintext used. So utf-8 for encoding is no problem, but Textille try to change the encoding to something else. I'll try to fix this. thanx and greetz, dfl
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    Ok, I fixed this for me. The Bug is descripted under Just change the Line 2294 in extensions/Textille.php from: $html = htmlentities($html,ENT_NOQUOTES,$this->options['input_encoding']); to: $html = htmlentities($html,ENT_NOQUOTES,"utf-8"); And it works :)
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    edited August 2005
    Good catch, I added that back into the source for the textile extension in my vanilla extensions (I'm guessing that's where you got it from, the line numbers matched up anyway).
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    I'm having a similar problem (I think?).

    I've run earlier versions of vanilla standard setup up and latin1-encoding and it showed swedish chatracters ok (åäöÅÄÖ). In the database they were saved as:

    å - Ã¥
    ä - ä
    ö - ö

    When I copy the database to testrun a Vanilla 1-installation the characters are all messed up and shows like this in vanilla:

    "istället för PM så finns här"

    I've tried changing headers.php to Windows-1251 but then I get "?" instead of åäö. I've tried changing chatracter-set on the tables in mysql (utf-8, ascii and so on) but nothing helps. I could replace all ö, ä and Ã¥'s for åäö's but it's kinda tricky and I'm pretty sure there must be an easier way... or perhaps not :)

    Any thoughts?
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    Max_BMax_B New
    edited July 2006
    At first sight it looks like you have utf-8 chars stored in a base declared as latin-1.
    To migrate the base to utf-8 contents, you need to convert the column data to binary, then change the encoding of the base and then convert the column data to CHAR/TEXT. Then the chars should display correctly in the base and in vanilla. See also the remark made by "130" in a previous post about cyrillic.

    The conversion process is described in th MySQL manual in a chapter about the migration from 4.0 to 4.1

    Edit: the post is in VanillaDev :
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