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Chocolate Media Box

edited May 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Dear Programmers,
I love the vanilla system
I came from having an invision power board
there is only one or two things i regret leaving
and one important thing to me is the media box

if could you make a system like that for vanilla
then that would solve most of my problems

if u need a url to a working media box ask me and i will give u the url
and if u want the file
i shall find it and link it to u

thinks in advance


  • Yes, let's see what a Media Box is?
  • edited March 2008
  • yeah we don't have something like this. although it isn't hard to build.
  • well if it is not hard to build


    it is possible with vanilla, right?
  • well, yes.
  • edited November 2007


    does any one just come and make it?
    r there only certain people who do that


    do u need the files that make up the invision power version one
    so u can learn how to make the vanilla one?
  • This is a very good idea and we don't have anything like this, but don't hold your breath for this.
    it will take atleast a month before someone will take this on.
  • really?
    why is that?
    is everyone bizzy with something?
    is it really hard to do?
  • its not that they are busy, more of they will do it when they feel like it. Its opensource remember, none of us get paid to do this. so we will look at it when we're in the mood to :)
  • oh i see

    well that is cool

    is there anyway i can help?

    i can learn and all
  • edited November 2007
    sorry i really want this one pretty badly would it be more simple for me to give u the ipb media box files and u can edit them to fit vanilla?
  • I dunno what to say to you other than you should start working on this on your own. you cannot get it any time soon.
  • aaa i see so u think u could like help me any? would the file i have be beneficial to me at all?
  • I doubt it will be of nay help. only thing you could reuse is the theme, you will have to code everything else by yourself I'm working on Calendar extension so will look into this after that
  • oh sweet could i help with the calender? see i don't know much about coding and stuff but i wanna learn so if i can do anything let me know
  • edited March 2008
    [delete this] - sorry
  • so is anyone else interested in making something like this? jw
  • I guess I could do it seeing as I just finished System Message.
  • awesomeness
    that would be soo cool
  • Some things have come up so this may take longer than usual to produce.
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