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Conditional edit flag?

lechlech Chicagoland
edited August 2005 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I think that changes in Topic, category or post format shouldn't really effect whether the "edited" flag appears. While I wouldn't be one to figure out the best way to determine what qualifies as "edited" via code, I suppose the easiest way to do something like this would be via a held variable that upon edit does a quick length check of the comment being edited. If the length is the same after the change and there are no other differences, the edit flag doesn't appear, otherwise if i change a single character, say a comma to a period or vice versa it can appear. A quick relative search for punctuation, letters and numbers stored in a count could determine what's edited and what isn't. Could this be worthy for a possible future improvement?


  • Using the above idea, If letters and punctuation are already stored for comarison, what is the point of doing the fisrt check? If the letters, numbers and punctuation exactly match up, there should be no need for the other test to se if the flag needs to be displayed. Am I wrong? Missing something?
  • Well, I'm used to seeing the edit flag even if there has been some grammar correction, it's mostly because if someone quoted you and you have edited your post, there is a chance someone is going to correct you, even if it is a side note and not a straight reply to something. And if I add more lines to my post, I use the :edit: "tag" to determine where my edited post begins (and ends if original post continues after my edit), this is also becuse of quotes, if I add something relative to the post, it is kind to note that if someone replied to my post, pointing out a view and my edited post corrects that, then there is not going to be a problem. So, I don't know what or how you should do it, but you just might put a check there that, if right amount of letters have been changed, then the changed text is colored to different color to indicate "unread" text or something similar. So that would make it easier to spot. But I think that is just making things uneccesarily complicated.
  • yeah i think that could be a little extreme kosmo, it is a pretty smart idea though but i'm not sure how well it'd handle in a real situation. Lech's idea is quite cool; the edited tag doesnt really bother me cause i tend to just scan the page for the actual text but i suppose in the case of any disputes and for aesthetic pleasure if it can avoid being there for the sake of it it would be a plus.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Nathan, I was simply using that as an example idea, and yeah there would be no real way to check unless you're comparing things byte for byte. But overall the idea is to not throw up the edit flag if you're simply moving from one category or another, or say, whispering to someone else.
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