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impressive web sites you have seen

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my favs and for a web design blog


  • Max_BMax_B New
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    IMO, flash design is not web design. It's not standard based, proprietary, does not scale nor indexes well, bloats…

    As a blog, I rather like There are many other out there i can't remember at the moment.
  • You took the words right out of my mouth Max_B. Flash sites are "impressive" but they tend to stay the same for a long time. I suppose it depends on the site intent and its audience but totaly Flash sites do little for me.

    Flash is like a condiment, a little adds flavour, too much spoils the meal!
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    i admit some flash sites do stay the same from time to time but you can't ignore the fact that they deliver a experience like no other visit to see what im talking about, alot of sites that will blow you away - then tell me flash sites do little for you :D
  • Mate, I see Flash sites all the time, I work with talented Flash developers, but web sites that turn me on are those that provide me with the information I want quickly and pleasantly.

    Waiting for Flash to load is not pleasant, if I want entertainment and I have time, fair enough.

    Now that's not to say these guys are not talented. It's like seeing a tricked up sports car with shiny chrome and a nice paint job. No doubting it's a work of art and a joy to behold but it's not everyone's cup of tea.

    Horses for courses I guess.
  • guess i just dont get the point of flash not being web design - and in some aspects flash brings you the content faster by no reloading the browser and preloading the entire site bah
  • thats a site that impressed me..

    everytime you reload the page you log in as an other user. every user has other background images, other files/sound/videos on their hdd and other emails and so on..

    but it's completely in german..
  • Now that's impressive in any language, I wonder if he's going to "upgrade" it to Leopard?
  • My point is: web design use web (open) standards (x)html, css, svg, dom, javascript.
    Flash is a proprietary model embedded in html objects. It has some strengths and flaws as well.
    I'll not follow Wanderer on the matter of content but stay on "political" aspect.
    Flash is a successful commercial attempt to privatize web design tools.

    And yes, there are good sites in flash, that's not my point.
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