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HTML entities not interpreted in comments ?

edited November 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi, I'm trying to migrate a forum from phpBB to Vanilla 1.1.4 using the migrator (and custom scripts). My main problem now is that HTML entities that were present in the phpBB messages are never interpreted in Vanilla, but displayed as such. For example, many comments have " or > in their title, and this is displayed as " or > in vanilla. And unlike this forum, if I try to type """ in a new (non migrated) comment, it's not interpreted on my forum, whereas here it shows like this : " I have the following extensions enabled : AutoP, BBCodeParser, Captcha, JQSmoothJump, JQMedia, JQuery, Preview Post, Private Messages, Quote Text, Report Post, Saved Searches, Signatures, Sitemaps, Transmogrifier, Vanilla Packer, Vanillacons, and Who's Online. I tried disabling Transmogrifier, AutoP and BBCodeParser, it doesn't solve the problem :( Can anyone help ?


  • You tried the Extended Text Formatter or one of the HTML formatters?
  • I tried Extended Text Formatter : doesn't do anything HTML Formatter, here's the problem : It only works if I write a new comment and choose "html", not BBCode, as the format. For older comments that mix BBCode with HTML entities (their format in the DB is "BBcode"), it doesn't work ! I think it's the normal way phpBB stores messages in the database (BBCode, + HTML entities if needed), so other people who used migrator should have this problem, right ? Is there a way to interpret HTML entities (only, I don't need other html tags) in BBCode formatted comments ? thanks
  • Oh and the other problem with HTML Formatter is that it doesn't work in the comments Subjects: I have HTML entities there too ! Do you have an idea ?
  • Errrr. Now I'm not sure. I guess you may be able to do some kind of search and replace on the database contents but I can't write you a SQL query to do so...someone else may be able to.
  • I think I can modify migrator to do the search and replace. The strange thing is that nobody had this problem before ?
  • They have.

    It would be nice to get this added to the BBCodeParser, but I just don't have the time to dedicate to it at the moment. If someone would like to send me a patch I'd be more than happy to update the extension :)
  • Ok, I'll have a look. One question : is BBCodeParser also responsible for parsing the discussion titles, or only the comments body ?
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    Stash, Can you direct me roughly to the places in Vanilla and/or BBCodeParser where the & -> & amp; conversion takes place, inside comments body or anywhere else ? Do you think there are even cases when this conversion is the right thing to do ? I don't see why those HTML glyphs shouldn't always be left to the browser to interpret. For instance, on my forum most of the content is in Western ISO-8859-1 (french and english), but a few messages here and there written by Eastern european members in Cyrillic are encoded as HTML glyphs like those : Кто с Д And that's ok. Oh ! While previewing this comment, I just realized that those glyphs work as expected here, even though my comment format is "Text". On my forum, it *only* works when explicitly choosing HTML. What gives ?
  • Having a similar issue after upgrading. I imported my old board and everything was fine, except none of the HTML from the old board's discussions work. Even editing the comment and trying to start over doesn't work. Help?
  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    You are posting to a Vanilla 1 thread from 2007 whereas your problem is from Vanilla 2 and 2010.
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