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Future of FCKeditor plugin

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NO i'm not shutting it down. I need to know where to go with the new version. Its a massive update
Important highlights about the new version
  1. Official compatibility support with Opera 9.50 and Safari 3 (WebKit based browsers actually). These browsers are still in Beta, but we are confident that we'll have amazing results as soon as they get stable.
  2. It is possible to configure FCKeditor to produce a truly semantic aware and XHTML 1.1 compliant code
  3. All basic formatting features, like Bold and Italic, can be precisely controlled by using the configuration file (CoreStyles setting). It means that now, the Bold button, for example, can produce b, strong, span class..., span style... or anything the developer prefers.
  4. No more font tags... well... actually, the system is so flexible that it is up to you to use them or not.
  5. The editor now uses the Data Processor technology, which makes it possible to handle different input formats like some simple BBCode support.
  6. Introducing the HtmlEncodeOutput setting to instruct the editor to HTML-encode some characters (&, < and >) in the posted data
for complete changelog look here

Do you guys want XHTML 1.1 meaning no more inline style tags and no fonts either? or you want the old behaviour


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    Good one buddy, by the way Safari 3 is out of Beta, the Tiger update a few days ago included Safari 3, Leopard has 3.0.4.

    Don't know why Apple are still promoting the Beta on their web site, maybe their web guys are a bit slow?

    Posted: Tuesday, 20 November 2007 at 6:15AM

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    edited November 2007
    ok finished coding the new version of fckeditor. here is the preference form for it. I still need to figure out how to enable it for all users while providing the ability to disable it. If I set a user preferencec alled "VisualEditing" then that will enable it for all CURRENT users and all NEW users won't have that preference. So i guess i have to do the Opt out way. check if the user doesn't want it else give it to him. So instead of "Enable Visual editing" it will be called "Disable Visual editing". but how? $PreferencesForm->AddPreference() adds the value of 1 if checked, i want it to be 0 is checked

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    I wish I could help. Your update looks awesome, I hope you'll find a way to manage this. Keep up the good work!
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    If the new preference is "Disable Visual editing" I would think it would make sense to set it to '1' if it's checked.
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    that update box for FCK is wicked, how does one change this physical size of the FCKeditor window?

    i have fckeditor working after renaming the directory with "FCK".
    it co exists with attachments and jquery , etc.
    it does youtube , and will probably do the rest once I decifer the input code for the specific video format.

    inline images puts a blue border on theuploaded image. I can't find the css code anywhere it's not JQthickbox,
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