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How can you find undesired messages?

edited February 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi, I wanted to know if there is a way to inform the moderator when there is for instance an agressive message or any undesirable comment for the purpose of the forum.


  • the "snitch" extension... genius
  • edited August 2005
    I was thinking in something, such as the block comment tool, but called for instance send to moderator. Could be great for users to help the moderators in controlling the good use of a high traffic forum
  • A snitch extension would be a great idea. I will look at making one over the weekend. You die hard coders had best be online to assidt me though. (don't do it for me, assist. I need to learn).
  • nathan i think a Participated Threads extension outways the snitch thread.

    i got $5 for you if you can do it.. :)
  • would this need to be anonymous? if not, you could just have it send a whisper discussion to an administrator, or maybe have it override the security and make a administrator-only post with the comment-in-question as the text.
  • In my opinion, each comment (even the topic) could have a small text on the right hand side (such as block user for instance) called Snitch (to moderator). It is not anonymous, but it would only be seen by the moderator. This way, users help moderators to control the forum
  • Snitch is a bit of a loaded term :), How about 'Report this post' ?

    It's a useful feature that people use occasionally on my Vbulletin board, to complain if someone has been trolling or breaking forum rules. It's handy as mod's can't be everywhere on a board.

    It shouldn't need to be anonymous, just set up a specific whisper to the mod/mods for that category.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    I think this is what having moderators are meant for :) While it's a good extension idea in theory, I can see this getting abused. A useful way I can see this working is making it fire off just like the bug report form, but instead mailing the thread ID (and possibly the comment ID) with the user ID reporting and a brief description of what the problem is. If I made this extension though, I would totally call it "snitch bitch".
  • You should have it permission based so if someone abuses the feature you can just disable it for them.
  • @markwilkin: Snitch is a loaded term, but it sounds cool. People could change it in the dictionary if they did not like it. We'll have a vote: Snitch, or, Report this post?
  • How bout "narc"
  • "snitch", "narc", "tattle-tail", "squealer", "dirty rat", "Report this post"

    Any of them work!
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