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need help to update a "new" extension

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i have a add-on called gift-system to enhance and raise the interactivity level for vanilla members,

the addon:
-a member (or any role you assign) can earn credits by posting in the forums
-for the credits they earn they can buy gifts for anyone else on the forum
-the gifts are graphics, icons or symbols (at least any kind of web compatible web-graphics)
-the gifts and the shop are displayed on a sub-memberprofile page

and such and further.

it was tested under vanilla 1.1.0 and it worked pretty well, but somehow not under 1.1.4
i made this add-on with a friend more than 1 year ago , he did the coding part and i did the conception part.
im not very familiar with the vanilla-core anymore, and my friend jumped off the vanilla train (a way too out of the box for him).
and thats the reason why i ask for help now.

the problem is only the creation of tables in the db , thats all.


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    Can you post the code?
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    hey mini,
    just to make sure that not 234897987 people working on one and the same extension and to keep track of the whole thing, i'd like to give jimw first a try, because he contacted me as first

    but thanks in advance anyways. (for now)
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    mini: This may be a little beyond my skills. I have added the part to create the tables. However, the old extension must have added a field to the user table. Would we want to do this? Or how would we keep track of a user's coins? I also had to comment out some lines that were creating a control and didn't work.

    I'll be happy to send you what I did so far.
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    When I suggested to post the code I was thinking more along the lines of people glancing over it and chipping in ideas. If you've got that far and it's beyond your skills then it's probably beyond mine too but as a community we may be able to pull through. As for adding a column to the users table, it's either that or create a whole separate table. Personally I dont see a major problem with either idea but I'm no mySql guru so there may be inefficiencies I'm not aware of.
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    is it just me or addon development has decreased quite a lot
    minisweeper do you have statics on this
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    i'm not sure how far jimw is , but just to keep it manageable and organized, i would say, jimw could share all the links and informations to you guys... depends on how far he is or not.

    call me old-fashioned but i'm not a real fan of public relations if it comes to alpha-state sourcecode :/
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    I'm working on this locally and it is more work than what I thought. And since we are in the gift-giving season, this could be an appropriate add-on to have working now.

    Mini or anybody: Is there an add-on that you know that has either added a field to the User table or keeps track of things by User?
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    Thankful people? Perhaps?
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    Thanks mini.

    fery: What was your original design? Can you please explain? I found that there is a settings table. It contains 3 fields: discussionanswer, discussionstart and systemstate. Are these at the system level or at the user level? And what about the coins?
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    edited November 2007
    hey jimw,
    i just realized that there is an "all my discussions history"- linkage in the panel, i think i should use it sometimes, so sorry for the late reply.

    ps: i use often the term gift, just replace it in your head with shop item or whatever you like :)

    in every user profile (panel) 2 links: buy a gift (for this user), this leads you to the store*.
    and the link"view gifts",to see all (given) gifts and their messages/greetings.

    store*: there was the amount of credits you have left , and the thumbnails with an mousover/hover popup window for the bigger sized,original images.
    at bottom a textfield.

    after you made a decision (checkbox)...
    item name

    6000 Credits
    Select? was able to write any text into the textbox (at bottom), like "happy halloween my dear or whatever" (makes sense if you offer halloween related gifts )..

    Add a message to your gift

    you was able to set up the amount that any member get- for each new thread , or reply.
    you was able to setup the prices for your items, and you was able to delete items.

    well have to go to work.. i finish this tonight :D
    see you later.
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    before i proceed, any questions so far?
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    I'm understanding so far.
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    ah ok, well i need probably a few more hours to complete this description, my girlfriend is pretty possessive today :/
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    okay part II.

    the view gifts page (a subbpage of your profile) looks almost like the shop subbpage, just without the checkboxes, prices, and textbox at bottom, but! under each gift is the message of the sender (the one who send it). or was this text onli in the js hover? well hard to say, i havent seen this now for almost two years.

    oh so short, but this is the whole description.

    just a short question if i can...
    allready any db/LUM tables created (they are mentioned everywhere in the default.php) ?
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    Yes, there are several tables created. This is quite a puzzle reverse-engineering this extension.
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