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Getting current logged in user from external files

edited December 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I'm trying to semi-integrate Vanilla with another PHP file (it will be located at /roadmap/index.php, Vanilla is located at /forums/). I need to get the username, email address and URL if applicable. Should I use the following code, then do a var_dump() to find out the properties/members of $Context?
include_once("./forum/appg/settings.php"); include_once("./forum/appg/init_people.php");


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    OK, it seems to be stored in $Content->Session, however it doesn't get any information. Will I need to change the cookie path?
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    Well, it's still not working, even with that.
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    Also, this example appears to be out of date.
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    OK, I've finally got it working, after I changed the cookie path back. However, it doesn't give $Context->Session->User->FullName, even though I have it set in my account settings. Any ideas?
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    I'm going to go on a guess here. Do I need to read the settings from the database?
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    That would certainly be one way to do it. I'm pretty sure it should be in the user class somewhere though...
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    I did this for an external Page Manager page but I am not home at the moment. I will check it out soon and let you know what I did.

    It may not be the correct way but hey, it woiks for moi!
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    Was it something like Mark's example? Because I thought that was only when using cookies, not sessions.
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    Sorry mate, the week-end was hectic, didn't get around to it.

    There's a couple of files you need to link to in the external page, maybe these two...
    <script type="text/javascript" src="/.../js/global.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="/.../js/vanilla.js"></script>
    I will look it up first chance I get though, come to think of it, there is also a PHP file or two you'll need to link to.
    Do keep hassling me, I am all over the place at the moment.
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    Sure, I understand. I was busy getting Christmas stuff ready :)

    OK, so what exactly are those JS scripts used for? I'm thinking that they may only be needed for the actual forum pages, but then again, I have been wrong before. :P
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    I've looked, I can't seem to find any reference to external files (maybe I was dreaming) but I did find this snippet which returns the logged in user...

    <?php echo $this->Context->Session->User->Name; ?>

    Posted: Monday, 10 December 2007 at 8:05PM

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    Yes, but I'm trying to get the details, such as $Context->Session->User->FullName

    Do I need to query the database or not to get that information?
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    I guess I'll just use the DokuWiki session, since it's integrated with Vanilla anyway...
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