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padding changes for "search" and "start a new discussion"

joemadjoemad New
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I'm trying to move the discussions over to the right a little more. If you look on the forum you'll see it's out of whack. I tried to make the adjustment in the themes vanilla.css but couldn't figure out what to change. Can someone guide me? Thanks!


  • I figured it out and just added "padding-left: 20px;" right under

    #AccountPage #Content,
    #CommentsPage #Content,
    #DiscussionsPage #Content,
    #CategoryPage #Content,
    #ExtensionPage #Content,
    #SettingsPage #Content {
    padding-top: 20px;
  • Uh oh! Now where do I change the padding for the "search pages" and the "start a new discussion" page.
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    I don't know what browser you use, but with FireFox you can install "web developper toolbar" that gives you hints about the selector to use (Ctrl-Shift-Y).
    What if you just
    #Content { padding-left: 20px; }
  • also I recommend to use firefox addon Firebug it allows to change everything (html, css, javascript) on a live page.

    I can see there is this on line 282 in the file vanilla.css:
    #AccountPage #Content, #CommentsPage #Content, #DiscussionsPage #Content, #CategoryPage #Content, #ExtensionPage #Content, #SettingsPage #Content { padding-top: 20px; padding-left: 45px; }
    I changed 45 to 75 in Firebug and it seems to be fine for me.


    you can change the size of the google search input field from 32 to 28 for example, it looks fine too :)
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    You changed the size of the Panel, didn't you? In that case, I believe it's more "proper" to change the left margin of #Content, rather than change the padding. That would keep the padding unified and the CSS easier to read and change later. But it's a small point, the effect is still the same.

    I believe changing #Content should effect ALL pages.
  • Oh no... It looks good in Firefox but in explorer there seems to be extra space between the menu and the discussions. I deleted the padding from #AccountPage #Content, #CommentsPage #Content, #DiscussionsPage #Content, #CategoryPage #Content, #ExtensionPage #Content, #SettingsPage #Content { padding-top: 20px; (I deleted this... padding-left: 45px;) }
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