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Run Internet Explorer 5/6/7 Natively in OS X

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NO need to run it under parallels, now you can run them natively trying it right now


  • Thanks for this! Trying it out now.
  • Oh gawd, this is surely the first Mac OS X virus!
    It's the beginning of the end, woe is us!
  • just tried and its god awful, it looks like Windows 98, even a simple site resulted in tons of flickring, apaprently cause of javascript which is dead slow to execute
  • There is simply no point simulating IE on OS X.

    Any serious testing needs to be done in a Windows environment, by that I even exclude Paralells, boot up into full Windows.

    Surely there's no "pleasure" in running IE on any platform, let alone OS X?
  • well i'm not going to boot into windows just to check rendering of the page.
    I use parallels but it annoys me as well, cause i really don't know how to access my local server on mac from within parallels.
    So i needed this option to work :(
  • Mate, there's too much happening to rely on it for any sort of testing surely?

    I'd be sorting your your "local server" access issue in Paralells if I was you.

    Have you tried their support forums?

    I read somewhere recently that Parallels is no longer the Windows enabler of choice for OS X (even though Apple seems to be promoting and flying the Paralells flag), can't remember the name of the one that is out-shining it at the moment.
  • I use VMWare Fusion to run IE on my mac (it's necessary for Online banking and my corporate webmail to play nice) and i tend to find it works absolutely fine...does occasionally decide to spawn somewhere in the region of 50 windows but I think that's a VMWF bug not an IE one.
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    oh the problem isn't parallels, its accessing the localserver from somewhere else. even from another home computer, I dunno how to do it. I try this but the moment I click any link the url changes to http://localhost:8888/vanilla/comments.php which obviously doesn't exist in parallels since local server is running under mac and not parallels. it needs to remain i think its a mapping issue
  • When you set your web server / vanilla up you must have referred to it as localhost not the IP?
  • yup. so you think i should put in the ip of my mac, find all localhost in vanilla and replace it with my IP ok i'll try that
  • @MySchizoBuddy: to use your local server on the Mac from IE/parallels:
    - Launch network preferences.
    - Look at the the interface named "Parallels Host-guest"; its IP is the one you want to use. default is If you are running Mamp, Apache default to port 8888 so the full address is, Mysql is

    You can change every setting in your files to use these addresses because you can reach it from Mac side as well
  • their is a way to map to do you know how. I think MAMP Pro can do that, I need a free mapping solution
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    In your windows virtual machine, open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and add

    I don't where is hosts on OsX, but on linux it is in /etc/hosts.
  • /etc/hosts on OS X as well, but depending of version it might not be used without some more setting. Works out of the box in leopard.
    You still need to add the port if non standard:
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