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Making sticky without getting sticky

edited November 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Would it be possible to make a discussion sticky w/o having "[Sticky]" displayed next to the discussion title?


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    There are several discussions about these labels. One easy way would be to edit your language definitions.php file. In there, you have:
    $Context->Dictionary['TextWhispered'] = 'Private'; $Context->Dictionary['TextSticky'] = 'Sticky'; $Context->Dictionary['TextClosed'] = 'Closed'; $Context->Dictionary['TextHidden'] = 'Deleted'; $Context->Dictionary['TextSink'] = 'Sink'; $Context->Dictionary['TextBookmarked'] = 'Bookmarked'; $Context->Dictionary['TextPrefix'] = '['; $Context->Dictionary['TextSuffix'] = ']';
    You could just delete the word Sticky, but then you would still see the "[]". To remove these (for all labels, you would delete the [ and ]. You would then have:
    $Context->Dictionary['TextWhispered'] = 'Private'; $Context->Dictionary['TextSticky'] = ''; $Context->Dictionary['TextClosed'] = 'Closed'; $Context->Dictionary['TextHidden'] = 'Deleted'; $Context->Dictionary['TextSink'] = 'Sink'; $Context->Dictionary['TextBookmarked'] = 'Bookmarked'; $Context->Dictionary['TextPrefix'] = ''; $Context->Dictionary['TextSuffix'] = '';
    The other labels would now still show up but without the [ ].
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    well, I just tried that if you put at the end (before '?>') of conf/language.php this line

    $Context->Dictionary['TextSticky'] = '';

    it won't display [] for it, because it displays prefix and suffix only if it is not empty.

    the only thing is that this affect all Sticky discussions
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    Thanks jimw and klip! Here's what happened - Per jimw's suggestion, I simply removed the word "sticky" from: $Context->Dictionary['TextSticky'] = 'Sticky'; but I left the bracket lines $Context->Dictionary['TextPrefix'] = '['; $Context->Dictionary['TextSuffix'] = ']'; and for whatever reason neither the word "sticky" or the brackets appear. Maybe it's due to the style/theme I'm using(?) I don't know, but since it's doing EXACTLY what I wanted it to do, I'm just going to leave good enough alone. If i start farting with it I'll never get it back the way I originally wanted it!
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    as I said removing just TextSticky definition is enough since if the definition is empty it won't display TextPrefix and TextSuffix :) I guess putting this definition to conf/language.php is maybe more clean way because if you have more languages allowed this would work only with the translation you use (because other language definitions will be used) but also I may be wrong. I'm just too much messing around Vanilla localization these days.
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    My bad klip...I didn't read your post correctly. Either way, I got what I came for; THANKS!
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