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Delegate parameter requested

edited February 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I need a line in /themes/settings_applicants_form.php:

$this->DelegateParameters['Applicant'] = &$Applicant;

around line 38, right before
$this->DelegateParameters['ApplicantList'] = &$ApplicantList; $this->CallDelegate('PostEmailAddress');

This is for ApplicantsIP. Thanks.


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    edited December 2007
    I need 3 delegates in /themes/discussion.php
    right after $LastUrl it looks like this
    $LastUrl = GetLastCommentQuerystring($Discussion, $this->Context->Configuration, $CurrentUserJumpToLastCommentPref); $this->CallDelegate('PreDiscussionRender'); $DiscussionList .= ' <li id="Discussion_'.$Discussion->DiscussionID.'" class="Discussion'.$Discussion->Status.($Discussion->CountComments == 1?' NoReplies':'').($this->Context->Configuration['USE_CATEGORIES'] ? ' Category_'.$Discussion->CategoryID:'').($Alternate ? ' Alternate' : '').'">'; $this->CallDelegate('PreDiscussionOptionsRender'); $DiscussionList .= '<ul> <li class="DiscussionType">

    and one right at the bottom
    </li>'; $this->CallDelegate('PostDiscussionRender'); ?>
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    Also in that same file discussion.php the Delegate Parameters are assigned at the bottom, which means as it renders the very first Discussion it doesn't have the DiscussionList delegate parameter for me to use. I suggest moving it to the top right after the $LastUrl.
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    in Vanilla.Class.Comment.php
    line 185 add a delegate parameter and call delegate
    $this->DelegateParameters['DataSet'] = &$DataSet; $this->CallDelegate('PostGetPropertiesFromDataSet');

    in Vanilla.Control.CommentGrid.php
    line 56 add a delegate parameter
    $this->DelegateParameters['CommentManager'] = &$CommentManager;
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    ^^^ bumpity bump. YES please I'd also like both of those in the previous post.

    Mark, are you still adding these or is dinoboff or someone doing this type of stuff now?
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    IIRC, all were added and will be in the next release of Vanilla. (svn export All except for the latest CommentManager request, a different workaround was found for that one so it wasn't added.
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    Oh, sweet! Thanks for the heads-up.

    Now, when you say "next release" do you mean Vanilla2?? :) Or is there going to be more releases in the 1.1 branch?
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    1.x will probably live on for bug and security fixes since it appears that Vanilla 2 will be PHP 5 only. There are quite a few bug fixes pending, so I suppose another release will come out when they get cleaned up--or if a security problem is found before that.
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