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Is it possible to put non-vanilla forum threads on Vanilla?

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This is my first time using Vanilla and I'm installing it for a client. She has almost a year's worth of forum posts/threads from her previous forum (phpBB) that she would like to move to her new Vanilla Forum.

Is this possible or does she just need to start from scratch?

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  • Did you search for phpbb in these forums ?
    That's what I found.
  • this is the most recent version which will work with 1.1.4.
  • Yes Tammy - the solution posted above will do what you want. Quite easily in fact as I used it for almost 500,000 posts.
  • I personaly find it quite a shame that there is nothing about this in our wiki.
    It would be nice to have at least a little page with the link to the last version of the "migrator" and an overview of the steps to follow. Maybe some hints and traps that appear in the main discussion too (as Outbreak wants people to read it).

    Thanks in the name of all the people who will read you.
  • So add it to the wiki already :D
  • Sorry Stash, I'm not sure to understand. Do you mean "it is added allready" or "please begin something" ?
  • "please begin something".

    A wiki is a community created thing, if theres something you don't see there then add it.
  • Problem is: I didn't try this migrator thing (and probably will never use it).
    I just thought that among the users of this migrator, someone would perhaps find some time to build a page. It's quite hard to read the big thread thoroughly and I think that a page in the wiki could be nice for people discovering it.

    Sorry if I seem to come here abruptly and say "I WANT SOMEONE TO DO IT", I didn't mean that. I was just thinking loud.
  • Thanks for the link! I don't do DB work for my clients and I'm a bit lost with it all. Does anyone have a tutorial or step-by-step advice that I can follow? Or if someone would like to do it for me send a quote to [email protected].

    Thanks for all the help so far!
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  • ThaRiddlaThaRiddla New
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    This is really quite don't need to do any database work.

    All you need is your database name, username, password which either you or the person who set up the forum should have (or can obtain easily from the conf/database.php file in your vanilla install.

    enter the db name, user, and pass into one file called "mysqldetails.php", which is provided.
    Upload the entire folder to anywhere on your server
    navigate to that folder in your browser and then click on the links in order.

    You should get a message after you click on each link saying "XXXXX entries completed" and it gives you a link back to the main page to do the next step.

    This is considering your vanilla install is on the same server/database as your old phpbb install...if not, there are a few extra steps.
  • ThaRiddla, can I steal your comment and start a wiki page with it?
  • I able to edit/expand that page?
  • edited December 2007
    Sure, your turn... EDIT: maybe this page needs some update too
  • Would there be any way you could get posts off of a proboards forum. The reason I ask is because the website I am taking over is currently using proboards, and it is kind of a joke... and I would like to put them on vanilla.
  • You could migrate from proboards to phpbb then to vanilla?
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