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Help the translator.. please. (help needed creating little script to remove lines)

VazVaz New
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Hi guys, I'm in the process of translating Vanilla into Punjabi Phonetic. It's taking yearrss but I've done half. I never thought it would be such back breaking work (or should I say finger breaking?). Anyway - I've been marking the origional sentence with // in the front to comment it out. Then replicating the line with the translated text. I know that at one point I will have to go back and remove all the commented out lines (to save space). It would be a great favour if somebody could perhaps quickly code a script which will delete the lines marked with //. Thank you. - Vaz


  • Have you got shell access to a linux box?
  • Punjabi Phonetic, Oh god. I always hated this. writing urdu, hindi, punjabi using english alphabets. it sounds retarded.
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    If you have a good text editor, you could "search and replace" with a regex, like this one
    This works fine with jEdit, and I guess it will work with others too.
  • VazVaz New
    edited December 2007
    @Minisweeper - Unfortunately not. What did you have in mind? @MySchizoBuddy - I understand what you mean. There are two problems however. i) the long complex task of getting the actual urdu/hindi/gurmukhi characters to work without messing up. ii) the fact that Punjabi can be written in Arbi and in Gurmukhi script. This is a major task unless someone wants to release seperate versions for both. I think it's better just to launch a phonetic version. Online most people from 'Pak-India' use phonetic Punjabi as a means of communication anyway. It sounds retarded but with constant updating I'm sure we can get it upto a satisfactory level. @Grahack - thank you, I'll give JEdit a shot later in the day.
  • I'm a jEdit fan, sorry if I'm pleased you give it a try! I'll try to guide you a bit.
    The Search menu will lead you to "Find..." and "Search in Open Buffers...". Open Buffers is the one you need if you have several files.
    Anyway, it's an option in the search dialog box.
    Be sure tick Regular Expression.
    Remember: jEdit becomes really really great with some plugins. Else you have a simple notepad.

    I guess Mini would have given you a neat sed command. But this can be achieved with Cygwin too.
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