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Help with troubleshooting and tweaking

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Hi all: Here is my website- The discussion Board is "What Parents Say in Your State". The purpose is to give people adopting children from foster care the opportunity to share their experiences. I think it can be a catalyst for making child welfare more responsive and getting more children adopted from foster care. I worked really hard to get it to this point. But I have 2 concerns. First, there are there are some bugs. I've struggled to fix them, but I feel a little over my head. Second, maybe it is just a confidence thing, but I would really like someone who knows what they are doing to go through the site and just tweak it- make sure that it all works as a discussion board before I send out introductory emails to 400 adoptive parent support groups announcing the site. I think the site can be a catalyst for change- making it easier for children in foster care to find adoptive families. I would be grateful for any help you can provide. Jeff Some bugs: • The sign in prompt in the upper right corner disappears if you make the window smaller. • Buttons in the discussion area (choosing HTML or text) are oddly spaced. I don't understand what this does. Do we need to give people a choice? •If I sign in as a guest and click on Jeff Katz to see the personal info, it is messed up. The message on the top says: Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/jkgiants/public_html/discussions/extensions/InviteFriends/default.php on line 57 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/jkgiants/public_html/discussions/extensions/InviteFriends/default.php on line 58 • I need a way to capture email addresses. Eventually I hope to use a mailing list program called Constant Contact to send newsletters, mailings, etc. I have code from Constant Contact for an email sign up but don't know where to put it. • Many of the extensions I downloaded i.e. quotes don't seem to work.


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    I just registered and logged in to your site.

    1. The sign-in link disappears on any forum when you shrink the window size.
    2. You changed something with the CommentsFormat. Probably the padding-left.
    3. I don't get any messages when I click on Jeff Katz when I am logged in. Looks to be correctly displayed. Maybe it's the guest login. Is that an add-on you installed? Check the discussion forum here for that add-on.
    4. Can't help here.
    5. Concerning extensions, read the instructions first for the ones that don't work and then look on the forum for discussions about that extension. It is highly likely that someone else had the problem.
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    Thanks Jim: I think I wasn't clear enough in my post. I am hoping for some kind soul to actually go in a fix the bugs for me. I have struggled to fix different bugs. What comes naturally to most of the users of this forum is another language for me. Without help, I have no prayer of fixing the problem of the disappearing sign-in. I am hoping that someone on this Board, either as a volunteer or for money, would go through the site, fix bugs, and tweak the site to make it as good as possible before I launch it. Any takers?
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    Don't be discouraged... you did a great job integrating and styling the site so far, it looks great!

    Edit themes/vanilla/styles/listeningtoparents-theme/vanilla.css, and under the line that says #Session (its about a page down) add a new line that says z-index: 2;
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    For the format selecters, find the section that looks like this:#Form.StartDiscussion label.Radio, #Form.AddComments label.Radio { display:inline !important; width:auto!important; }
    Edit that by adding a commma before the curly brace and adding a new line:#Form.StartDiscussion label.Radio, #Form.AddComments label.Radio, #Form.AddComments input { display:inline !important; width:auto!important; }
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