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Next release of Vanilla. 1.1.5? What is your wishlist?

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Sorry I'm sure you have had these requests before but couldn't search for any new similar threads.

Is it possible to combine the current vanilla and ideas of free add-ons like
- Guest posting with capcha
- BBcode editor(wsyi.. something editor, FCKeditor?)
- dropdown category menu seems to be nice

Well I'm sure people have different opinions and wish lists. Let's hear them. :)


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    I wish new release could include the "Notify" function, People could subscribe to his interested discussion. because I'm fail to use the "Notify" addon, :)
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    To be honest it would be most unusual for minor revisions of ANY software to include feature changes - they are generally designed for bug fixes only. It would be even more unusual for any revision of vanilla to include feature upgrades. I'm pretty sure the 3 addons you mentioned daisukey all work OK together so it really is 5 minutes work to get it all up and running anyway...
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    Minisweeper ur right there but non-coder like me has trouble setting it up at first hehe. But by reading threads here I can mostly figure them out. It would be nice to have them available from the start. :)
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    IMO, there's no chance you'll see those add-ons in the core. Vanilla's philosophy is to stay as simple as possible.
    If you really have problems setting up some of the addons, post precise info concerning your problem in their discussion or create a new one.
    Anyway, welcome here daisukey & byenbye!
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    I agree with Minisweeper and Grahack, anyway I would welcome two (maybe three) core changes in Vanilla 1.1.5 (or another future version, ie. 1.2 if you want): 1. allow to extensions to replace standard language loading mechanism: More information Reason is, that it would allow to language selector extension or extension's translation loader extension to select and load needed definitions without core hacking. 2. reenable extension loading in ajax calls or allow to extension to install itself so it is loaded in ajax calls. More information Reason is, that if you wan't extension to clean some customizations, (usually in conf/) made by itself, when it is disabled, extension is not loaded, therefore delegation to "disable extension" delegate doesn't work. 3. and optional proposal by me is, to allow to extension to insert a core hack. It means, to provide some functions and solve permissions issues so extension can insert/replace/disable (and enable again) any code in the core of Vanilla. I guess this is not going to be featured in any version, so I'm going to create such extension which would try to take care of permissions and would provide an API for core hacking so it would be possible for other extensions to use this addon to install its core hack automatically.
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    i wish real features , a bit innovation again, and not only and always just bug fixes or aged basic functions.

    thats all :D
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    klip: agreed too :-) . Particularly to your language thing (easy and valuable). Ability to skip code would be nice too, even it's not often requested at all. But you won't be able to do that with a basic extension. This should be taken in consideration by Mark for V2.

    fery: I think you'll have to wait for Vanilla 2...
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    A woking "Notify", for sure. This should really be part of the core IMHO. It is an essential component of any forum to keep members updated if they desire it.
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    I think if it is possible for a feature to be an extension without core hacking it should not be in the core.
    That's why Vanilla is called Vanilla.

    What's the problem with installing an extension (if the extension works of course)?

    I just think there should be some better add-on management, so you can download and install an extension in admin just by clicking.
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    and in that notify we should be notified when someone posts on are wall in our profile
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