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HTML Formatter Not Working For Me

edited October 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I installed HTML Formatter extension, downloaded the file to my server, booted my Vanilla Forum and selected HTML Formatter in the Settings Page/Extensions. I went back to Discussions, clicked on HTML format and then edited a comment with a link to my web page. All I get is the typed URL -- it does not function as a link.

This is my forum:

What do I need to do to get the link working?

I just noticed that typing a URL here does not function as a link either, which seems strange to me. Why not? Most forums have the capability of providing links.


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    Are you using HTML Formatter in conjunction with QuickTags?

    I find they work very well together.
    (I formatted the link above using my forum, cut and pasted it here.)
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    I downloaded "QuickTags" and activated the extension -- I am able to get bold/italics & cross-out to work but absolutely no luck with creating a link. There is nothing obvious about how to create a link, not to speak of no instructions in either HTML Formatter or QuickTags.

    I am not a PHP programmer and know just a little about HTML. I use FrontPage to develop my web site and can change HTML code for relatively simple things. I have tried everything I know to get a link to show in a comment and nothing works. So far, extensions in Vanilla have been a real disappointment -- I get the impression that you have to know CSS and PHP in order to get things to work and that does not help me at all.

    Last try -- any help out there for a user with no programming background or knowledge???
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    the html formatter allows you to use html in comments, not bbcode. so if you wanted to insert a link you'd use <a href="">an example page</a>you can find loads of html tutorials/references online (eg. html dog)
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    edited January 2008
    SirNot: That is, almost, exactly what I did and nothing shows after the comment is saved. I wrote

    I resorted to asking viewer to "Copy and paste the link below" and the http://etc. link is just written.
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    well if you wrote exactly what you put in your comment then of course nothing is going to show, because you don't have any text for the link. you need to have something between the tags for it to show up.
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    Interesting: I got the same results here that I get on my forum -- the URL I wrote in the comment above does not show after "I wrote" and before "I resorted" above.
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    edited January 2008
    SirNot: I think I have it now. I finally got the link written correctly and the link shows okay in the comment and when clicked goes to the Black Hand Crew story on my web site. Thanks for your help in leading me down the right path.

    Also, I figured out, in the process, that the button titled "link" is just a means to start someone on the track of writing the html for the link desired. It does not write the html for you which is what I assumed would be the case when I compared it to the bold, italic and cross-out buttons.
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    1stAngel1stAngel New
    edited October 2008
    I am using the HTML formatter and the QuickTags now as the Make it Simple thingy didnt work. But I think it must be my board, coz the new things dont work either. I put on a word, highlighted it and pressed B and got the tagged 'open strong' and 'closed strong' before and after it, but in the post you can see the tagged 'strong' and 'closed strong' LOL (I dont know how to doa code tag so that i can put what I see without it actually doing it) So is it my board or is there a problem elsewhere that I dont know about? Am at my wits end now as I have tried 'TinyMce', 'Make it simple formatter' and now these. Before I tried anything I could write in HTML and it worked, but my members need help so I need some formatter help with one of these mods. The site forum is at :(
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