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Chinese boys, please advise

edited January 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I am a 17-year-old chinese boy,maybe you can find that my English is poor,I like the vanilla ,I study Html\photoshop\div+css\ASP.NET(VB) for two years,please advice me more my


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    if you want to know anything about chinese,I can tell you
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    Erm well I would advise you to stop studying ASP.NET and VB since they're proprietry crap created by Microsoft. Besides, Vanilla is written in PHP which is far better than ASP.
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    Amen to that Fyorl mate!
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    Fyorl,do you think that the php is better than .net?
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    edited January 2008
    Far, far better. It's open source so you have many more bindings available plus better and more frequent security updates. Also, PHP will run on almost any server (Microsoft, Unix and Solaris) whereas ASP is only really associated with Windows. If that wasn't enough, PHP is free whereas ASP is not. With ASP you have to pay for the .NET framework, an IIS server (although you can run it on Linux with ASP-Apache) and if you want to use a database you need MS-SQL as well. If you use PHP you can run it on Linux (free, you only need to pay for the hardware) and use MySQL, SQLite (and a bunch of others which I can't remember off-hand). Check out these benchmark tests on the performance of PHP and ASP: You'll notice that PHP is faster than ASP every single time.
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    Fyorl,thank you for your advices and the ""you give me,both from your words and the words that had wrotten on the "",I had know more new things,and those is very useful to me,and I also begin an interesting in the php. But I also found the words you said is only to "php vs asp",not the"php vs"that I asked. For example,the words you said"ASP is only really associated with Windows."is only to "asp",not to "" ,because now, will also run on almost any server (Microsoft, Unix and Solaris). and also in China,many Chinese companies would prefer to use the .net not asp pr php
  • Options And just to show I'm not biased: You may draw your own conclusions from those articles. I, personally will stick with PHP as I do not believe that Microsoft will ever do anything for the benefit of its developers. It will only do things for profit. The people who develop PHP will always listen to its developers and improve it with their interests in mind. So, while ASP.NET may have some things now that PHP doesn't, I can't see it staying that way in the near future.
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    oh,thank you,and finally,I want to know which is more Security?
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    I have no real evidence but in general open-source software is more secure. PHP is open-source and so anyone can look through and find security problems, also PHP releases minor updates very often. ASP.NET only has a team of core developers working on it. That means only they have the ability to spot security holes in the software and only they can fix them. Thus, security patches for ASP.NET take much longer to arrive as they only have a limited number of people working on them. PHP's security holes can be fixed by anyone and submitted for review.
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    Anything "Microsoft" is shit, not because they are slack but because they plan it to be "shit" so the consumer has to spend money on IT "shit specialists" to fix things that should work out of the box.

    If it wasn't for this fact there would be no IT industry as such!

    Why are there 6 IT people flat out busy in my PC/Microsoft-based workplace when one IT person in my previous Mac-OSX-based workplace supported over 250 people? And they made him redundant!
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