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CSS issue with IE 7 (Surprise!)

edited January 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I have a CSS style for images to put a 1 pt black border on them.

It works in Safari, Firefox etc. but IE 7 refuses to display the border.

Even when I simply use border="1" the border (yes the image is a link) no border is displayed, is this normal.

Am I going to have to revert to putting a frame on the actual picture with Photoshop?


  • Point a link and maybe we'll find the bug. I know for certain IE supports borders on images. Probably some cascade or rule precedence issue.
  • It might appear some images on this site have a border but it's on the table cell, not the image. This one has no border in IE 7...
  • sjeepssjeeps
    edited January 2008
    This class:

    .highslide img { border: solid 1px white; }


    <a id="ST1-2" href="prodpics/ST1-2.jpg" class="highslide" onclick="return hs.expand(this)"><img class="IMG_th" src="prodpics/ST1-2_th.jpg" alt="Click" title="Click to see item..." /></a>

    And here:

    <a id="6L" href="prodpics/6L.jpg" class="highslide" onclick="return hs.expand(this)"><img class="IMG_th" src="prodpics/6L_th.jpg" alt="Click" title="Click to see item..." /></a>

    Is overwriting this class:

    .IMG_th { border: solid 1px #800000; outline: solid 1px #800000; }

    Try to get ride of it and just have one class like:

    .IMG_th { border: 1px solid #800000; }
  • Thanks mate,
    I checked all that, I changed the { .highslide img } class to a pink border, it had no effect (yes I refreshed 20 times or more) that's why I introduced the { .IMG_th } class.

    The thing is that it's fixed everywhere except IE, but that's OK, I'll keep trying.
  • sjeepssjeeps
    edited January 2008
    If you're using FF CSSViewer and hover over one of the images, you'll see that .IMG_th has 1px white border.

    So I don't think that changing .highslide img class to a pink border or any other color would help, the .IMG_th will still be overwritten.
  • Did that, still sucks.

    Looks like it's Photoshop to the rescue with a real image border.

    Stuff you IE!
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