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Insane Error Possibly Causing Big Problems.... HELP!

edited January 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hello, Long time Vanilla user... I run it for my company only forum at my office and from time to time I check out the add-ons to see if there are any new useful ones out there, and if so I'll test them and remove them if theyre no good.... So tonight I was adding a few new add-ons, one of which was Vanilla Voting 0.2 ( This required me to download 2 .php files to replace current ones after I installed the extension so I did (after backing up the original files) and alas I couldnt get the add-on to function properly so I went in and uninstalled it, restored the original .php files that had been replaces and then went into my FTP and deleted the VanillaVoting folder from the extensions. So I move onto the next add-on I'm testing and when I go in to check it off, this error pops up.... So I click ok, hoping to move on, but what I notice is that the extension I'm trying to enable isn't finishing it's "enabling waiting animation" thing... like, where the check box is its doing that loading swirling thing... after a few minutes I was like, enough of that and I hit refresh... the page loaded and the extension was enabled... I went on to test enabling and disabling new and old addon's to see if this error would happen more and it happened everytime I checked or unchecked any check box in the extensions list... I just hit refresh and it's fine, but one thing I noticed shortly after is that my Inline Images add-on has stopped working since then... well, it didnt stop, but all the images we had uploaded before, and any images we upload now, just show up as the red X... I tried disabling Inline Images and reinabling it... no luck, so I uninstalled it completely, re-added it and still no luck... so I download Vanilla Voting again and set it all up hoping to just leave it there disabled and all would be fine.. but I'm still getting that error whenever I click a check box, and my Inline Images still aren't working! Sorry for the long post but I wanted to be as specific as possible in hopes that someone can help me.... please help! Thank so much, Nick


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    That is really odd that those lines would be appearing in a message box like that. Looking at voting, it looks like it adds some configuration lines to the conf/database.php file. The very same lines that are appearing in that message. Take a peek in there and remove all the code that you see in that message. (of course, make a back up first!)
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    Interesting.... thank you, I'm going to try that right now and see what happens.... anyone else?
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    Brilliant... not only did it solve the error popping up but it fixed my image issue as well! Thank you so much!
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