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Post Rewards

edited March 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
It would be great to have an addon that you could custom set to do things like: When a user hits 250 posts it makes their handle bold and green, when they hit 500 it makes it red... as well when it did this, lets say at 250 posts it makes the name bold and green and puts the text "power poster" under their handle.... then when they hit 500 posts it makes their handle bold and the color of their choice, as well as allows them to edit what it says under their handle so they can edit "power poster" to say anything they like. Additionally it could be used with the "user awards" add-on to at the same time (250 posts) gives them a bronze medal... 500 posts gives them a silver medal etc etc etc Personally, this is how I would set it up.... 0 - 249 posts = no medal, name color at default, text under name saying "light poster" 250 - 499 posts = bronze medal, name color turns green and bolder, text under name saying "power poster" 500 - 999 posts = silver medal, name color can be custom and stays bolder, text under name saying "supreme poster" 1000+ posts = Gold Medal, name can still be custom colored, text under name become customizable That would be really cool... the rewards systems like that REALLY get users posting as much as possible and visiting as much as possible... it can really pump up a forum. If not that then the ability for a user to change the color of their name, and add a short amount of text under it would be cool! As well, each varible could be customized... so you could open up and edit how many posts they must hit to have each medal and / or ranking, as well as the colors their name changes and what it says under their name.


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    I like the idea of small pixel medals rather than garish coloured names.
    They could be positioned over the user icon, hanging off the bottom right corner style-of-thing.
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    haha i like the color changing idea... mainly because I have an office comprised entirely of females and they all want their name to appear in pink which would make them happy :P
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    ill pay someone if they make it :P (seriously)
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    this is a pretty cool idea
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    @ nickldavis: have you tried to play with the CSS ?
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