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Joomla!Vanilla Bridge Component v1.1.4 Available!

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Hi folks,

Sorry long time with no updates, but finally is here. J!Vanilla forum bridge is developed to be compatible with Joomla 1.0.x and Vanilla 1.1.4.
A automated installer is included with every version of Joomla!Vanilla component; it allow users to install vanilla together joomla in 3 pretty easy steps. Its probably the easiest and most painless way to get up and running. Just follow the directions and you should not have any major setup issues.

* Vanilla db tables are created in same joomla! database where component is installed
* Existent joomla users are sync with vanilla setup after install
* Allow manage Vanilla Forum from backend
* Changes on Vanilla forum code minimized
* Several bug fixes
* Joomla! Vanilla login module


Installing j!Vanilla

What you will need to start?

1. A Joomla 1.0.x Installed and working
2. Ftp access or JoomlaXplorer installed
3. J!Vanilla Bridge Component v1.1.4

1) install j!Vanilla as any common joomla component
2) After installed, go to components->Joomla Vanilla Forum link,you should see a text box with: YOURSERVERABSPATH/[Vanilla Path Here]
*note: if your setup can't create your desired dir to install vanilla automaticlly, you will need do it manually, using ftp or joomlaxplorer!
3) Change [Vanilla Path Here] to a directory name you want get vanilla forum installed, and press on [Click Here to Finish Installation] button


Users upgrading from J!Vanilla 1.0.3b need backup Joomla and Vanilla db tables before uninstall old component and install new 1.1.4RC1.
After new component installed, restore Vanilla db tables (LUM_ prefix) and you should not have any issues on upgrade process.
Vanilla forum related fields on joomla! users db table will be reseted on old 1.0.3b uninstall.



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    Hmm most of here already have Vanilla forums so is there any way to allow an existing site to function with this?
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    Yes, i think quickest way could be:
    1) backup you your vanilla forum db (LUM_ db tables)
    2) install and setup j!vanilla on fresh joomla installation
    3) import your current vanilla users to joomla
    4) restore remaining vanilla db tables overwriting new ones created inside joomla db by j!vanilla installation

    I hope this help
    All the best
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    Thanks Carlos, I'll give it a try.
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    Hi, does it work on 1.5 too? ;)
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    edited February 2008
    I am curious to know weather or not the above way of incorporating an existing forum worked? I have a forum with approx. 1000 members and around 60,000 posts. We are incorporating the whole site to Joomla but we want to keep Vanilla rather then switching form software. We are currently using version 1.1.2 but can easily upgrade to 1.1.4. Currently the forums and Joomla are in two different databases, for the sake of the example lets say this: Forums are in "forums" database and Joomla install is in "Joomla." I understand that they both must be in the same DB, which is not a big deal. Would this work? -Backup the Forum Databases -Install the Joomla!Vanilla Component and Joomla!Vanilla Login share Components -Empty the LUM database tables in "Joomla" and import my backed up forums to the Joomla Database. Would that work? Would that allow me to sync ALL my users to share login with Joomla (Meaning that I can login at the Joomla Login screen and be able to just click on the "Forums" and be able to go right to it without having to login again) and would that allow me to not lose any post information? Also, Permission wise, Lets say I set a user to "Super Admin" in Joomla.. Will they also be made an admin on the forums automatically or will that have to be done manually? Thanks for the help! :D Oh and I am using Joomla 1.0.13
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    Sorry for double post, Edit is bringing up a white screen for me? -Lets say I have my thousand members all in the Vanilla DB, can they be sync'd with Joomla so I can edit there permissions via Joomla also. Like for example, on my joomla site, I have some parts of the site only available to "Registered Members" and some things only available to other ranks. Will I be able to manage their ranks via Joomla? Sorry if that makes minimal sense, I am not sure how the actual syncing works from the Vanilla DB to the Joomla DB. Thanks.
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    edited February 2008
    To say the good thing first: I'm really happy the long-awaited new Joomla!Vanilla version is finally available. However, the upgrade from 1.0.3b seems not to be as simple as described. I set up a site for testing (a copy of one of my live sites) and followed the steps for the upgrade as described above. After deinstalling the old version of the component, installing the new version and the new login module, and restoring the LUM_ tables in my database from an export previously made, my forum has the following problems: 1- When I log in on the main (Joomla!-) page using the new login module everything looks good, but when I call up the forum I am not signed in there, so I have to do it again using the vanilla login. 2- Whether I'm signed in to the forum or not, I get the following error messages on top of every page I call up within Vanilla: Warning: include(/hp/as/ab/wj/www/bastatest/vanilla/library/People/People.Class.Joomla10x.Authenticator.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /hp/as/ab/wj/www/bastatest/vanilla/appg/init_vanilla.php on line 32 Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening '/hp/as/ab/wj/www/bastatest/vanilla/library/People/People.Class.Joomla10x.Authenticator.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/etc/php:/usr/local/share/php5.1:/usr/local/share/php5:/usr/local/share/php:/usr/share/php5.1:/usr/share/php5:/usr/share/php') in /hp/as/ab/wj/www/bastatest/vanilla/appg/init_vanilla.php on line 32 Warning: include(/hp/as/ab/wj/www/bastatest/vanilla/extensions/WhosOnline/default.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /hp/as/ab/wj/www/bastatest/vanilla/conf/extensions.php on line 5 Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening '/hp/as/ab/wj/www/bastatest/vanilla/extensions/WhosOnline/default.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/etc/php:/usr/local/share/php5.1:/usr/local/share/php5:/usr/local/share/php:/usr/share/php5.1:/usr/share/php5:/usr/share/php') in /hp/as/ab/wj/www/bastatest/vanilla/conf/extensions.php on line 5 3- All my users have lost their roles and been set back to simple user status, except for those of the vanilla admins who are also super admins in Joomla! 4- The links to account pictures and icons for all users have been lost. 5- Data pertaining to certain extensions such as Predefined Attributes seems to have been lost. 6- On the left hand side, underneath the button "Start a new discussion" it still says "Vanilla 1.0.3 is a product of Lussumo...." - I thought I just upgraded to a new version? I'd be grateful for any hints as to what may be causing this. MtFbwy Volkhart
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    has anyone successfully bridged an existing Vanilla board to Joomla?
    I seem to be able to get everything bridged except for the posts and some settings. The settings don't matter too much but the posts need to be bridged from the old version to the new version.

    Here is the original Vanilla installation I had:

    New installation done with the component:

    And my Joomla installation:
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    Hi everyone I am a total noob, so please forgive me if I am being thick ! I mean I have never installed any Joomla component or module before !! Anyway, after a few dumb mistakes, I finally manage to install the bridge and login module. However, I see the below when I go to the Vanilla forum in my Joomla . Please can someone have a look - I have no users yet, so I dont mind if I have to install again, just tell me ! Notice: Constant _VNL_MSG_MAKE_WRITEABLE already defined in E:\domains\b\\user\htdocs\Joomla\administrator\components\com_vanilla\language\english.php on line 110 Notice: Constant _VNL_MSG_MAKE_WRITEABLE_HELP already defined in E:\domains\b\\user\htdocs\Joomla\administrator\components\com_vanilla\language\english.php on line 111 Notice: Constant _VNL_MSG_MAKE_NOT_WRITEABLE already defined in E:\domains\b\\user\htdocs\Joomla\administrator\components\com_vanilla\language\english.php on line 112 Notice: Constant _VNL_MSG_MAKE_NOT_WRITEABLE_HELP already defined in E:\domains\b\\user\htdocs\Joomla\administrator\components\com_vanilla\language\english.php on line 113 Notice: Undefined variable: mosConfig_lifetime in E:\domains\b\\user\htdocs\Joomla\administrator\components\com_vanilla\admin.vanilla.php on line 89 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in E:\domains\b\\user\htdocs\Joomla\administrator\components\com_vanilla\admin.vanilla.php on line 97 Notice: Undefined property: mosVanilla::$vanilla_redirect_onlogin in E:\domains\b\\user\htdocs\Joomla\administrator\components\com_vanilla\admin.vanilla.php on line 173 Notice: Undefined property: mosVanilla::$vanilla_redirect_onlogout in E:\domains\b\\user\htdocs\Joomla\administrator\components\com_vanilla\admin.vanilla.php on line 176 Notice: Undefined property: mosVanilla::$vanilla_lang in E:\domains\b\\user\htdocs\Joomla\administrator\components\com_vanilla\admin.vanilla.php on line 200 Notice: Undefined property: mosVanilla::$vanilla_allowUserRegistration in E:\domains\b\\user\htdocs\Joomla\administrator\components\com_vanilla\admin.vanilla.php on line 210 Notice: Undefined property: mosVanilla::$vanilla_ml_support in E:\domains\b\\user\htdocs\Joomla\administrator\components\com_vanilla\admin.vanilla.php on line 212
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    I've had no reply. Ive deleted my files off the web server, recreated the MySQL DB, and I am re-installing Joomla. Then I will try and install the login module, and then Vanilla with bridge. My Joomla tells me that "MagicQuotes" are set to off, and it prefers "on". Could this have caused the above problem?
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