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There HAS to be an easier way to change DEFAULT PAGE

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I have searched and tried but can't make the change to default to Categories. I've tried the addon Category Page First and had to reinstall to get it back OK (thrice). I've searched the forum and get lost in CSS changes etc. The "Default Page" addon seems to require a url more complex than would be. Please help me. John


  • I installed "DefaultPage" addon - Broke it again! Can't open vvvn/categories.php
  • Start digging here. It's come up a few times.
  • This is the only way I could achieve a default page other than the... er... regular default page.

    If you don't want a separate page for members and guests, ignore the first bit and just use the .htaccess method.

    Guaranteed to work, money back plus 20%!
  • Not 10 minutes before your posting(s) I did a work around using javascript on a redirect page that works like a champ <html> <head> <script language="JavaScript"> <!-- window.location=""; //--> </script> </head> <body> </body> </html> That's the whole page. Thank you both John
  • Where did you put this? On the Discussions page?

    What if you actually want to go to the Discussions page?

    Posted: Friday, 1 February 2008 at 9:05PM

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    I made a seperate html page ( If you want to open the discussions page first you use the original url( The users have a choice this way. sbr is a closed forum. Look at and (another one I'm working on) John
  • Mate, this is not what we mean by a different default page.

    Giving users a secondary URL is going to work but the usual request is to have the standard URL ( take you to a different page in place of the default Discussions page.

    But if it works for you, go with it.

    PS: Thanks for the visit.
  • Does the .htaccess file in your example from the other thread exist, or do I have to create it? Where is it?
  • It could exist or you might have to create it.
    If it does exist, be careful not to stuff up its contents.
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    natchezjohn: what page do you want to set as the default page?

    Using the DefaultPage extension:
    If for example you want the 'categories' page to be the default page you just set the default page to categories.php (just use the page not the full url).

    Don't understand what you mean by a complex url.
  • i would like to default to a page i created with page manager using the default page extension. the page i created is named home. in default page i'm putting in ?Page=home but this isn't working. The mod_rewrite .htaccess fixes in previous posts aren't working for me either. i have a feeling it's mod_rewrite issues with 1and1. do you have any suggestions on how to use the default page and page manager extensions together?
  • i dont understand where to change "discussions" as the default to "categories" in the DefaultPage extension.

    I opened the php file in dreamweaver and don't see where to make the change.
  • and from what i've been reading it looks like there should be an option in the vanilla settings > extensions area that would allow the change, but all i get there is a check box to enable and 2 links to "mightymango" and ""
  • nevermind, it was above the other menu. im an idiot.
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