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Registration works in Firefox and Safari but not IE

edited February 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I have just updated from 1.1.2 to 1.1.4. All went well I thought, until new users discovered that they could register with IE but after registration, they cannot sign in. Something is not quite right...Safari and Firefox (both Win and Mac) work as they should... I have searched here for any similar problems but was unable to find a cure. Any ideas? Thanks!


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    OK - so far no answers - here is the URL for the forum. There is no problem registering and signing in with all browsers I have tested except for IE (6&7). IE simply does not work. Anyone have any ideas?
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    I hope someone can help you sort out what's preventing IE from working with your forum, if for no other reason than being able to implement such a "feature" on my forum!

    By the way, interesting use of frames.

    Posted: Saturday, 9 February 2008 at 7:48PM

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    I heard on some other forums that if the time is not correctly set on the server, it can lead to such a 'feature'.
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    Thanks - I've checked the server and the time is correct - IE still not able to register/login...
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    All Microsoft IE bashing aside, this is a weird situation.

    I wonder if it's a cookie problem? (Thinking out loud)

    Then again if it's all users experiencing the problem this is unlikely.

    Logically it must be something on the server if it causes the problem to all IE users.

    Perhaps re-install the relevant update files?
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    ...and which would be the relevant update files for this problem? Or should I try all of them?
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    Somewhere there should be a list of files than changed with 1.1.4
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    hi hi - I have been having the exact same problem!

    but have managed to painfully work it out for my version!

    I am using Vanilla 1.1.4 and have to access it through a frameset. The frame is the key to the problem.

    Frames is not something I have worked with for many many years - so was a bit out of the loop on the issues around them but here is what was happerening for me:

    PROBLEM: Safari, Firefox, etc will accept "third-party"* cookies, where as IE6+ won't alow them unless the user has their security level set to low OR you have correct p3p * cert for your cookies - So what this means is because Vanilla sets cookies for it's user accounts, they are being set as third-party cookies through the frame and IE goes, no- I'm not allowed to accept you because I'm a stupid face - and you get kicked out of the login.

    FIX: In the end I found a hack-saw way of breaking out of frames JUST for the login page and after they have logged in redirect them back into the frameset - this is due to jumping over servers (yes this whole project has been "fun") and having to maintain sessions on two servers with all sorts of junk - but that was how I got it to work and so far all good =)

    I hope this helps you guys out there, totally did my head in till I stubbled on the answer by mistake.

    will post again if I have any updates!

    * if you generate a cookie through a frame - it's 3d-party, if you generate a cookie from one browser window - it's first-party. First -party = good.
    * Doesn't sound like much fun to me...
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    Brilliant William!

    I noticed he was using frames but didn't associate the problem with it.

    Well done.
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