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Giving Vanilla its own subdirectory

edited February 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi I'm currently working on a forum, and I want Vanilla to power the site's root (e.g. but I don't want all of the Vanilla files cluttering up the root directory.. Is it possible to install the Vanilla files to a subdirectory (e.g, but have the forum exist in the site root?


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    that's a good question, I'm interested to see if anyone else might have accomplished this.
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    edited February 2008
    Let me get this straight, you would place the basic Vanilla pages (index.php, comments.php, settings.php, etc) in the root, but would place all the other folders inside some other directory ("/vanilla/", maybe)?

    It might be easy, but it might require some hacking---potentially a lot of hacking, I'm not sure. If you go into "conf/settings.php", you'll see the following settings:

    $Configuration['APPLICATION_PATH'] = ...<whatever>... ; $Configuration['DATABASE_PATH'] = ...<whatever>... ; $Configuration['LIBRARY_PATH'] = ...<whatever>... ; $Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH'] = ...<whatever>... ; $Configuration['LANGUAGES_PATH'] = ...<whatever>... ; $Configuration['THEME_PATH'] = ...<whatever>... ; $Configuration['DEFAULT_STYLE'] = ...<whatever>... ; $Configuration['WEB_ROOT'] = ...<whatever>... ; $Configuration['BASE_URL'] = ...<whatever>... ;

    You could change the addresses for the library, extensions, languages, theme, and style to direct Vanilla to the appropriate folder inside your sub-directory ("/vanilla/" or whatever), and Vanilla should function fine.

    But the issue I'm unsure of is that Vanilla (and extensions) assume that the basic pages are going to be in the same directory as the other folders. When specific Vanilla functions go looking for files or whatever, I'm not sure if it will always use the $Configuration settings, or if uses a hard-coded "/whatever_directory/". You might have to hack specific functions to get it to work.

    I suspect Vanilla itself would require little, if any, hacking. But I know that a lot of extensions DON'T use the $Configuration settings. A lot of them hard-code their directory addresses. So you would probably have to hack a lot of extensions.
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    if your webhost lets you, you could upload vanilla to a folder and point the domain at that instead of site root...
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