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Admin Password Not Found

I uploaded Vanilla to the server. Completed installation successfully and went immediately to the sign in menu at start up. All of my server names and server information is believed to be correct. Here is the error message I receive. Some problems were encountered The requested username and password combination could not be found. The message board is in fact there, though I am the admin and since my unsername and password are invalid I'm unable to get an account or permissions on the site, not to mention, if there is this problem from the get go, what else could be there as well. Solution? Considering deleting the SQL database from the server and creating a new one, then reuping Vanilla and reinstalling. Ponderance? I have 29 Vanilla message boards total. All with their own domain name. The first 13 loaded expertly. The past 3 attempted have failed with the same error. All on their own domain name. Where might the error be? On the server? Within the program download? In the installation process? I tried reloading folders, the entire program and still the same result. Give me a suggestion for a next step, or if you are able to point out from your experience it would be appreciated. Thank you.


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    to update you, I loaded another forum. it works fine. some others have not. this past one did allow me on. I'm not going to let this stop me. Still working on it and moving forward. Let me know if you are aware of any common errors that could have caused the past 3 failures. Why so many? You ask. Some are gifts for friends, others gifts for family. One is a test board to develop on and learn more about Vanilla in a safe environment. Some relate to hobbies, while others are retreats for friends I've met with specific interests on places like myspace, live journal, etc. Mostly, I wanted to be sure of my abilities to experiment with SQL, to learn something new and to find and solve small issues such as these. Still searching for answers for the failures. Thanks.
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