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signout signin page

edited February 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
after i sign out , and try to sign in again, i recieve this page: i manually put which allows me to get to the login page.. but this code is always at the top: // UserRole Table Structure $Context->DatabaseTables['UserRole'] = 'UserRole'; $Context->DatabaseColumns['UserRole']['UserID'] = 'UserID'; $Context->DatabaseColumns['UserRole']['RoleID'] = 'RoleID'; $Context->DatabaseColumns['UserRole']['Activated'] = 'Activated'; // DiscussionTags Table Structure $DatabaseTables['DiscussionTags'] = 'DiscussionTags'; $DatabaseColumns['DiscussionTags']['TagID'] = 'TagID'; $DatabaseColumns['DiscussionTags']['Tag'] = 'Tag'; $DatabaseTables['DiscussionHasTags'] = 'DiscussionHasTags'; $DatabaseColumns['DiscussionHasTags']['TagID'] = 'TagID'; $DatabaseColumns['DiscussionHasTags']['DiscussionID'] = 'DiscussionID'; ?>// i dont know where to look / what tto do so any and all suggestions are apreciated.. and if i need to add more of my forums info( ie: ext installed etc) let me know thanks


  • Look in your conf/database.php file, and just before that code you see coming through, you will find an extra ?>, remove that and you should be set.

    In fact, remove both ?> you come across in that file.
  • ThankYOU x a million. worked like a charm.
  • Is this in the FAQ, I swear I've seen quite a few discussions in the same vein as this.
  • i couldnt find it. i scoured for two days and searched (honestly-) but couldnt find anything, maybe my technique for searching is off.I aologize , if it was obivious.
  • Why does it still say copyright 2006 on these pages?
  • tannerc:
    It's not that obvious... it sure stumped me the first time I saw it. You were just lucky its easy to recognize.

    Good catch on the copyright date. Fixed in svn. Now if only this configuration manager bug will be that easy to fix...
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