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PC Surround Sound Setup

KrakKrak New
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I have had 6.1 surround sound for years on my computer. I have a Creative Audigy 2 and Creative Inspire 6.1 speakers. Before I used to place the speakers on chairs behind me when I was about to do some serious gaming, but I no longer live in that house and have the space to do that. Besides it being a pretty tacky deployment. My desk has 3 tiers. I currently have my center mounted above my monitors and the left and right speakers to the left and right of my monitors. The surround speakers, because I don't really have a place for them are just sitting on the second shelf. One on the left, center, and one on the right. The sub is on the floor under the desk. It sounds fine, but I am not getting my surround out of it. Behind my desk are the rails to the stairs, so I really can't put anything behind me. I could slightly reposition my desk but I'm not too sure it would give me space to place the speakers. I have seen a bracket of sorts that folds out and swings behind you when you want them, then swings back when not in use. But this was only for a 5.1 setup and I am unable to find it, it looked kind of large and hokey anyways. I could always build one though no doubt bout that. I went looking for a new desk today and realized that I would most likely loose the ability to setup my speakers the same way with a different desk and contemplated just ditching the rear speakers. I don't really watch movies on my computer, but I do game. When I bought the setup it was awesome, surround is just not practical or really that important on my computer at the moment. I was wondering how many of you have surround speakers, be it 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1. And how do you have them setup?


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    I have a creative Z5500 (or something?) 5.1 surround sound kit. It's hooked up to my Media PC and my XBox 360, with an additional cable for my mac/whatever if I need it. Generally I only use it on the xbox 360 when I'm watching films on the projector and for that reason I have 3 speakers at one end of the room, 2 speakers at the other, and the sub tucked away in a corner. As far as PC gaming is concerned the most I tend to play is Chess or Freecell so the layout doesnt bother me - it is a bit of a shame that normally I sit perpendicular to the sound of field (front is to my left, rear is to my right) but if I'm watching films I turn round as the projector screen is aligned with the speakers (or rather, the other way round) so that's how it works best.
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