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Scroll large images for default style

edited August 2005 in Vanilla 1.0 Help

Can someone post the changes needed to make large images scroll on the default Vanilla theme? I don't have access to my ftp and am going to have someone else upload the changes for me.

I was hoping to have images wider than 500px scroll instead of oveflowing off the comment area.



  • well to stop stuff overflowing the comment area in general you can just use overflow:scroll in the right element. I'm not sure if you can have it just work on images over 500px though? Technically the size of the users screen decides whether or not 500px would force a scroll?
  • Ah so the overflow:scroll would kick in whenever the comment area is too narrow. Anyone know where to throw that in the stylesheet?

  • lechlech Chicagoland
    unfortunate, if you're using my theme as a base still, the commentbody already has a overflow:auto attached to it. Mini, i know i haven't fixed that yet (I'm waiting for the themes to roll out first), but this should prevent any content larger than this message area from breaking out. In which I'll demonstrate here: thisWILLnowSCROLLforYOUifYOUareUSINGvanillaDIRTorVANILLAskyBECAUSEiHAVEsetTHEoverflowTOautoSOifYOUwantNARROWyourBROWSERwindowANDyouSHOULDseeTHATthisPORTIONofTEXTwillGETforcedINTOaNEATlittleCONTAINERthatHASaHORIZONTALscrollBARbecauseOFthisBIGassLINE.YESiLOVEcase.
  • lech that is exactly what I'm hoping to do on the Default. :) I looked at the css for dirt and noticed the overflow:auto. I thought i added it to the defautl but when I tested it it didn't work. Where should I be adding that overflow:auto.

  • thanks for that lech! *grrrr*
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    lol, sorry, it's the only quick fix I applied to disallow content flowing OVER the sidebar, nathan.

    unfortunate, by default, any images larger than this comment area should scroll, the only way to narrow it down is by adding an additional element of:
    .Comment img { 
       min-height: 500px;
       min-width: 500px;
       overflow: auto;
    that should constrain images you want to scroll beyond 500px, however it wont work on every browser.
  • edited August 2005

    Ah.. but what about on the default theme. I'm don't know where to add the 'overflow:auto'.

    Nvm... .comment

  • not a problem lech. It is for demonstration purposes only. I understand why you did it. :P
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    well, not so much for demonstration, more along the lines of prevention :D I appologize to all of you running on low resolutions, Hopefully the next version of vanilla will allow me to open things up a bit more with templates. Right now it's a bit confined to the set dimensions so there's no easy work-around :/
  • It was only a problem when I was on my way home from work. I was using my palm. At home (and at work), I have a 30" Apple Cinema display (2560x 1600). As you can see, resolution is not a problem.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    lol, ok well under tighter res like your palm, I can foresee the problem. I actually find that funny at the same time & I appologize, as the handheld css files aren't exactly up to code for I have no real use for it :/ Next time around I'll spruce it up for you guys a bit better.
  • Psh... what a paltry display you have nathan. Only 2560 x 1600. That's so 2004...

  • :) I don't know of any higher, and quite frankly, I would rather not :P. My wallet is empty as it is. I had to 'personally' by all the ones at work (sort of the case when you own the business), and they have only just payed for themselves! (It is a new business).
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