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Looking for a developer for an add on - PAYING JOB!

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Are there anyone out there that is very familiar with the vanilla code to make a sophisticated add on as a contract job? If yes, get ahold of me so I can get a quote from you...


  • Not trying to hijack your thread, steelejones but I am also looking for a vanilla developer for a paid job. I need an events and venues listing extension that allows users to promote events to their friends with tracking to log who which friends actually registered for the event. The extension would have similar function to sites like and except event ideas would be initially posted in vanilla discussions, users could vote the ideas up or down, and top rated events could be converted into events other users could register and pay to attend. Most of it could be released back to the vanilla community, but their is a portion I would like to keep for myself. There is more to it, but that is the basic overview. Whisper me with your email if you are interested in hearing more.
  • I am always looking for jobs to do, email me at y2kbugger at for estimates
  • Have you finished the 9th grade yet mate?

    Posted: Saturday, 8 March 2008 at 7:09PM

  • have you learnt not to be a cunt yet mate?
  • @Adrian: i don't think so @Wanderer: yes, why do you ask?
  • y2kbgy2kbg New
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    and also i have an account on if you guys do you can check out my profile and view my recommendations. Recommendations For Zak Programmer Self-employed “Zak really knows his stuff and comes through quickly with solutions that work great. He's also always right on top of the project--communicating a trying to get it done.” July 13, 2007 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value Shawn Hazen hired Zak as a Programming in 2007, and hired Zak more than once “I worked with Zak on a few projects for my business this year. I was very impressed with his programming knowledge, and flexibility when it came to my projects. He was able to envision practical solutions and work together with me until every aspect was perfect. Definitely recommend him for progamming work.” July 11, 2007 Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity Lisa Baggerman Hazen hired Zak as a Programmer in 2007, and hired Zak more than once
  • Hey Adrian, are you insinuating he has something to be ashamed of?

    His profile says (used to say, he's deleted it) "currently doing 9th grade" or words to that effect?

    Why does mentioning that fact make me a female private part and him hiding it makes him worthy of your defense?

    Posted: Monday, 10 March 2008 at 4:52PM

  • I'd say the real question was why it was at all relevant?
  • I'm sure it was brought up because of age. There are some 9th graders I wouldn't trust to mow my lawn, but then again there are others who are very responsible who can code circles around my 38 year-old wisdom and knowledge. Let's judge Zak on what he can do rather than what grade he is in.
  • Heh, I'd been programming PHP for 3 years when I was in the equivalent of 9th grade.
  • ^hire^the^above^commenter^

    (this comment was paid for with awesome vanilla addons and speedy quick bug fixing)
  • As usual there's a dearth of objective humour and logic around here so I'll make my public apologies to those most sensitive and bow out.
  • Heh, I'm off to go buy myself a new computer with these vanilla addon points =D
  • or maybe I am not in 9th grade any longer...
  • edited March 2008
    So you're now in 10th grade?
    Edit to fix typo (I'm a perfectionist, so sue me).
  • True humour is to be able to laugh of self, not to ask other to.
  • Max mate, I laugh at myself all day every day, even though I seem to be surrounded by stupid people.

    If I don't laugh the other options are to cry or moap around, neither of which are good for the soul.
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