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Help me fix my theme!

edited March 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
So I'm working on a theme, using ''The beautiful lie'' theme as a base. I have a few problems with it: 1. Looks weird on IE and Opera, fine in Firefox. The problem is the text being ''on top of each other''. Have a look and see, it's hard to describe. As far as I can see, this problem also appears on the original theme. 2. The Discussions part doesn't stretch across the screen, it sometimes creates a horizental scrolling bar, depending on the screen. I suck at css, but I really want to make this work, so any help welcome. Thanks in advance.


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    could you give a link to your forum?
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    edited March 2008
    Oh my god. I can't believe I forgot the link
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    for problem 1, it's only the 'Darkness, Gather' logo/title which is "on top of each other"? you can adjust that in your style's vanilla.css (line 1582): #logo_title {vanilla.css (line 1582) font-size:50pt; font-weight:bold; letter-spacing:-2.5pt; --> give higher values to space more the letters line-height:40pt; --> give higher values to space more the lines } I suck at css too, but it's something you can try ;)
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    for problem 2: edit the padding to 0px in:

    #main {vanilla.css (line 1531)

    try looking around a bit with firefox + firebug!

    hope I helped

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    I'll try that, thanks. However, on my side, using IE, all the text is on top of each other. And the title of the forum isn't. No idea why.
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    Set the padding on "main" rule to 0px. I think this is what is causing your horizontal scroll bar. I have only tested it in Firefox, so take it for a spin in IE. If that doesn't work, run your CSS code through the W3C CSS validator, and see if there are any errors.
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