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what extentions are you using?

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i was wondering what extensions are you using?
i don't have all of the extensions enabled (most of the big ones.. i do have enabled)
so i was wondering which ones you used and what they did
cuz there might have been a good extension that i have not seen all this time.. just cuz i dunno.. i just may not have seen it

if you do not want to post it
you don't have to


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    here's all my addons: [and my comments in brackets]

    Account Pictures 1.2 Maurice Krijtenberg
    Allows users to upload their icon and account picture to their profile.

    Add Comments 1.2 Mark O'Sullivan
    Adds the "Add Comments" form to the page for unauthenticated users, along with a username and password input, allowing users who have not yet signed in to do so and post a message at the same time.

    AddMember 1.0 MightyMango
    Allows an administrator to add members directly without having to use the 'Apply for membership' link on the front page.

    Applicant Discovery 1.2 Mark O'Sullivan
    Adds a "How did you discover this forum" question to the application form. [I've modded the "how did you...." to be more relevant to the forum.]

    Applicant Email Verification 0.4.2.b Dinoboff
    Add a verification of the email to registration.

    Applicant Icons 1.0 Fyorl
    Allows you to set default role icons for Applicants

    ApplicantsIP 0.1.0 Christophe Gragnic (Grahack)
    Checks IP duplicates among new applicants.

    Attachments 2.1 Maurice (Jazzman) Krijtenberg
    Allows users to attach files to their comments.

    AutoP v5 Luke "[-Stash-]" Scammell
    Automatically formats paragraphs and new lines using valid XHTML.

    Bookmark Stickies 1.0 WallPhone
    Places user's bookmarks on top of their discussion grid.

    CAPTCHA 0.2.1a Edward Eliot, adapted to vanilla by Dinoboff
    Add a CAPTCHA to the registration form.

    Category Jumper 1.0 Mark O'Sullivan
    A simple plugin that places a category dropdown in the control panel on the discussion page allowing for fast jumping between categories

    CategoryRoles 0.6 Max Barel
    Add a way to define distinct roles level for adding comment and opening a new discussion in a given category.

    CleverEdit 0.1.1 Adam Dunkley
    Stops multi-posting by updating previous comment by author instead of creating a new one, also resolves problems of old posts being sabotaged by timing out comment editing after a given expiry

    Collapsible Panel 2.4 Fyorl
    Allows users to collapse and open their panel items. Their configuration is automatically saved to their cookies.

    Comment Removal 2.1.2 SirNotAppearingOnThisForum
    Allows users to actually delete comments and discussions instead of merely hiding them.

    Duplicate Email Check 1.0 WallPhone
    Prevents users from registering duplicate accounts with the same email address.

    Extended Application Form 1.0 Mark O'Sullivan
    Extends the application form so that the user's first and last name are required. It also checks that the user actually clicked to read the Terms of Service.

    Extended Text Formatter 1.2 Mark O'Sullivan
    Extends the text formatter to make it replace /me and autolink urls.

    Forced Category 1.0 WallPhone
    Forces users to select an appropriate category before allowing a discussion to post. [kinda buggy]

    Guest Welcome Message 3.0 Mark O'Sullivan
    Adds a welcome message to the panel if the person viewing the forum doesn't have an active session.

    Hide Success 1.0 Mark O'Sullivan
    Makes "Your changes were saved" messages disappear with a shrink effect after a moment.

    Honeypot 0.1 (Beta) mightymango
    Add a 'Honeypot Captcha' to the 'Apply for membership' form.

    IP History 1.0.1 Mark O'Sullivan
    Adds a complete summary of all IP addresses a user has ever had (and who has shared those IP addresses) to their profile. Note: you must have IP logging turned on in order to record and display this data.

    Latest Posts Integration 1.1 Ivan Weiler a.k.a. Scip
    Integrate latest forum posts into your web page. [haven't tried integrating anything yet]

    Legends 1.0 Mark O'Sullivan
    Adds legends to the panel for the discussion, search, and category pages.

    Live Discussions 1.7 Fyorl
    Allows users to have discussions and comments update via Ajax instead of refreshing the page

    Markdown 1.1.2 Michel Fortin (PHP Version), John Gruber (Original Markdown)
    A text-to-HTML conversion tool for discussion comments. [formatter]

    Mootools 1.8 Fyorl
    Adds a customisable javascript file containing the Mootools framework to Vanilla for use by extensions.

    Multi File Upload 1.1 Maurice (Jazzman) Krijtenberg
    Add multiple attachments at once to your comment (requires Attachmens 2 extension!)

    New Applicants 1.3 Mark O'Sullivan
    Places notification above discussion list for users with sufficient priviledges that there are new applicants seeking membership approval.

    Nuggets 1.1.5 MySchizoBuddy
    Allows administrators to create/edit/delete role and page specific blocks of code called "Nuggets" For eg Ads/Banners or meta tags, widgets, pretty much anything.

    Offline 1.4 MightyMango (Based on Mary by squirrel)
    Close the forum for maintainance

    Page Manager 2.5.3 SirNotAppearingOnThisForum
    Allows administrators to create/edit/delete and arrange the order of tabs and pages, in addition to assigning which roles can view them.

    Panel Lists 1.2 Mark O'Sullivan
    Allows users to display various discussion lists in the control panel. Only compatible with Vanilla >= 0.9.3

    Preview Post 2.5.2 SirNotAppearingOnThisForum
    Allows users to view a preview of what their post will look like.

    Private Accounts 1.0 Mark O'Sullivan
    Blocks unauthenticated users from browsing user accounts on a public forum.

    Quick Whisper 1.0 Adam Atlas
    Adds a link to each comment which adds the commenter's username to the "whisper to" box in the new comment form.

    RelNoFollow 1.3 Jeremy "Jeremy2" Nicoll
    Adds rel="nofollow" to all links in posts according to permission level.

    Role List Fix 1.1 Fyorl
    Fixes role changing to account for priorities. Assumes the 'administrator' role is the one with the highest priority.

    STOP CAPS ABUSE 1.0 ithcy null
    Checks the comments box for ALL CAPS abuse. If the caps-to-lowercase-letters ratio in the comment exceeds a set threshold, the user is presented with an alert box forcing him or her to correct the comment or have it automatically converted to lowercase.

    Show Participants 0.4 miquel
    This extension shows in the discussion-page's Panel all users that have participated. Also allows to add a "Show All" link redirecting to an extension page which shows the entire list of participants.

    SoftWrap v5 Luke Scammell aka [-Stash-]
    Enables soft line wrapping of CODE and PRE.

    System Message 1.7 Fyorl
    Allows you to give important messages to certain roles or users

    Textile 2.0 Textile by Dean Allen & Alex Shiels, Add-on by jakob_r
    Extends the basic text formatter that comes with Vanilla, allowing one to use Textile syntax in discussions and comments. Updated for Textile v2.0.0.

    User Info 2.1 Fyorl
    Shows text bubbles containing useful information about a user when you hover over their username in a discussion. [THIS IS A MUST-HAVE]

    User Tasks 1.2 David Donahue
    Adds useful searches and whisper to functionality to the panel in any user's profile.

    kses (X)HTML 0.4 Mary Fredborg
    kses-filtered (X)HTML formatter [better than the 'html formatter' extension]

    ^let me know if^there are better^alternatives to any^of the ones above,^or if I'm missing a MUST-HAVE extension!
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    edited March 2008
    so User Info is really good? and how is (X)html better than html formatter? (is html formatter and default formatter the same thing?) thanks for your time and all ^_^
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    the kses formatter is much more secure.

    you might have to do some MySQL magic to convert all of the current html formatted comments over to kses formatted comments before you get rid of the html formatter.
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    i got default formatter is that the same?
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    edited March 2008
    no, it changes what formatter is selected by default for new comments. It is not actually a formatter itself.
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    i have not changed the normal formatter the site came with will i still need to mess around with the mysql
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    edited March 2008
    no, only if you had the other html formatter installed, and wanted to remove it, and change all the comments that will be referencing the (now) nonexistent html formatter to reference the kses formatter instead.

    All the kses formatter does is adds another formatter to the "Format comments as ..." doo-dah at the bottom of the comment box that allows (x)html in your comments. It's more secure than the popular html formatter.
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    oh i see thank you ^_^
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    spelling: extensions
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    spelling cow?
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    Attention to detail my friend, no big deal here but will blow things up if you are coding!
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    if you're on a programming forum, it would be nice to have a spelling extension that's optimized for programmers. ( img and href are words, for an html programming forum)
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    oh i see that makes sense thanks for clearing that up
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    it is a beautiful discussion... thanks fysicsluvr for extension infos. It was a great help. God bless you!
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    Everyone who wants to contribute could just get the "installed bling" addon, and post a link to their bling page. It's a hell of a lot easier than copy / paste / copy / paste / copy /OuCh!HaNdCrAmP / pasTe / cOpy / PAstE / .......
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