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How do I upload old forum to new server and database (SAME DOMAIN)

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I am the new owner of a domain. I am able to import the data from a forum that was on the domain that the previous owner exported from a MySql database to a new MySql database in my account via phpMyAdmin. After that I need to be able to restore the forum on my server so that it works with the new database. How do I take all of the backed up files I have from the domain when it was previously owned and restore the forum. The domain name is the same. It is the MySql database that has changed. I could really use some help with this. I really don't want to start a brand new Vanilla forum. I'd like to restore the one we had before. PLEASE HELP!!! Step by step instructions or a link to some instructions would be great!!!!! MJ


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    Hello MJ,
    First, a small glossary, to be sure we understand each other:
    - The domain is the internet name to access your forum. It is not really relevant to the point here, beside the need to have it setup to address the right host server.
    - The host server is where you files (Vanilla stuff) are stored. It's not clear from your post if it changed or not. I presume it does.
    - The MySQL server hosts the database. It may be the same that the previous or not, depending of hosting service setup. In you case this one changed.

    - If the host server changed, copy all vanilla files from old to new. Most of the time, you'll use a FTP application to do this. The simple way to do it is to copy files to your local computer as an intermediate step.
    - Edit the <Vanilla>/conf/settings.php file (on the new server) to reflect any change resulting from this server change: files path…
    - Export the database from the old MySQL server and import it to the new. You seem to have done it already.
    - Edit the <Vanilla>/conf/database.php file (on the new host server) to reflect any change resulting from this server change: IP address, credentials…
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    Hmmm...I'm having a major issue with importing the database into my MySql databse using phpMyAdmin. *sigh* However, I will try FTPing all the files back to the server. Change the settings.php and database.php to reflect what you said to do and then try importing the database. Do you think that will work? I'm going out of my mind with frustration over this and I know it has to be feasible to move the database to my database and get this forum going again. Thanks, MJ
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    What errors are you getting?
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    I'm not at my home computer right now but I think it was a 1064 or 1044 error. ??? My guess it is because the downloaded database has the old host, host name and password instead of my new ones. Can I edit those too? The error says it cannot create the database and the number it gives is the old host name. Thanks, MJ
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    When I've downloaded my extracted sql file and wanted to load it into a local installation, I had to edit the file and do a search and replace for the new name. But someone should confirm this.
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    Thanks for that tidbit. I hadn't thought about the search and replace. I'm not very familiar with the Vanilla files. I'm just taking over the domain for a Web site that was created by the previous owner. Their are folks that like to use the forum and I'd hate for us to have to start a fresh clean one if I am able to restore the files and not lose all of the discussion posts. MJ
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    Well, I was finally able to successfully upload the database to the new MySql server. Now I'm getting this error at the actual Web address of the forum. SOB, there is no "htdocs" directory and there never was and I've searched and cannot it in the file it says the error is in and I don't even know where that "d240295841" came from because that is not my host number. Uggghhh!!!!! Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: context in /homepages/22/d240295841/htdocs/forum/appg/init_vanilla.php on line 42
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    I tried dumping all the forum files from my server and then putting them back and now I get this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /homepages/22/d240295841/htdocs/forum/appg/init_vanilla.php on line 30 I'm stumped on the "d240295841" because that is not my database server and it isn't the previous owner's either. ??? WTF!!!
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    I DID IT!!! :) I got my forum back up and running. I finally decided to try once again to delete the settings.php and database.php and run the upgrade and it worked! FINALLY!!! I did that several other times but one thing or another hadn't been tweeked correctly yet (I guess???). All I can say is it took a lot of patience, perserverence and a whole lot of determination...mixed in with some help from your posts that gave me ideas to try. Thank you!!!!!! MJ
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    Well done MJ, it's always very satisfying when one overcomes such frustration with perseverance!
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