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new function for categories

edited April 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
categories and subcategories should have the option to redirect to another url like when you click on vanilla forum (for example) it goes to am i confusing?


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    am i confusing?
    What an understatement! image
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    you did not get that? you have never seen a forum with the option to have a category to redirect to another url? the admin just type the url in and instead of having a new category it just goes to another place they have them in most forums i have seen like ipb so i thought maybe sorry if i sounded confusing
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    Yes, but when you get to the other end of the link, you will be in a completely different place, and you won't be logged in to that particular site. Also, PageManager does pretty much the same thing.
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    Hamed, my boy, you have great ideas. So, keep them coming as others have pointed out. However, we all may not be able to see what you mean by your words. In my many years on this earth, I have learn that it is very difficult to explain ideas we have rolling around in our heads to others. Some of us have the ability to read between the lines and figure things out. I, on the other hand, as a software engineer, need specifications and requirements to help me interpret a problem and come up with a solution. In addition, pictures or sketches for me, help tremendously as I am a visual type learner.

    I think what you want here is the ability to enter a url instead of a Category title. That way, when you click on the Category title, you'll be take somewhere.

    And please don't take offense to the ribbing we give you.
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    @ fysicsluvr- it depends on the use of it.... for example you have two parters (website partners) working together and the want to link each other and yes your right you could use page manager to do this but this is kinda different... well just kinda.. umm a person can just put the link in a different place another use: you make a category called links: under it you put subcategories with the redirect ability and each one goes to the link you have @ jimw - i get completely what you say and i guess i was not very clear... i will try to be clearer.... but i don't expect people to make addons of my idea... i just think it would be really cool if they did so i just keep giving ideas that pop in my head *i can give pictures umm the idea was the following you go to create category, then when you get to the next page there will be a new option that says something like "enable url redirection?" and option yes and no no is set by default, but if you want to select yes, then you can type in the utl you want to go to when you click that category... also another feature for this could be that below the category (in the category page) it will says like hits = (what ever the number of times people have clicked that category/link) hey that is cool , it would be called category links anyway if i sound confusing you are more than welcome to ask any question for me to specify. I am more than willing to answer thanks for reading ^_^
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