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Quicktime player strage behavior

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Hi, before you proceed to the link, read this: both players have exactly the same code, except for the movie urls, however, the left movie is smaller, and the player starts to play it WHILE the movie is being downloaded, yet theright-hand player has a bigger movie, and it loads the entire clip completely before it starts to play... i need to have that player start playing the music video as it is being downloaded, so that even if it downloaded a half, it can be played.... ho do i do that? the link is thanks


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    I tested it in Safari and it works as you say it should.

    The left movie does its thing faster because, as you say, it's smaller, but the second movie also buffers up nicely then starts to play while it is still loading.

    They both have autoplay set to true, the only thing I can suggest is that your QuickTime settings (on your computer) are not set correctly.

    In the QuickTime settings "Browser" tab do you have "Play movies automatically" checked?
    In the "Streaming" tab do you have "Enable Instant-on" checked with a "Short Delay"?

    As I said, the code looks OK to me.
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    thanks for response... my quicktime settings are all exactly as you listed them.... i am on PC and my PC safari still has the described problem.... so, no idea what to do.... as i see it, the problem is NOT IN THE CODE... correct?
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    Correct, the code is as it should be.

    I use GoLive CS3 and your code is pretty much the same as it generates.

    Now I have just tested it at work in Safari on XP and it works as you described, the second movie loads in full before it plays.

    Same in IE 7, the first move streams as it loads, the second one not until it is fully loaded.

    Maybe because you have the two movies on the one page?
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    edited April 2008
    thanks again,,,,

    no,, with solos the problem remains... you can see the original portfolio page with links to separate music videos pages, where each page has only one music video, and the problem still there (in fact, it originated from there with solo players on page).... :( ... im confused.....
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    Mate, it seems to be an issue beyond your control. QuickTime itself could be the cause, it plays the game on OS X but something gets in the way on other platforms.
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    I'd agree with Wanderer, if it works in OSX but not elsewhere, then something is happening in OSX's QuickTime that the other QTs don't know how to handle. Might just fix itself when a update is released for QT.

    My first thought was that the movie itself was a different type that supported streaming. Maybe try resaving the video?

    Looking at the code there are two slashes in the URL to the second movie, but it appears your server is ignoring it and doing nothing different than if there were no extra slash. I suppose QT could be confused by the slash.
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    That's a point WallPhone, a .mov saved as a streaming file is supposed to behave differently, worth a try crash_D. if you have the tools?

    Tested one of my QuickTime files and it streams properly in Safari on XP.
    It's made using GarageBand so I'm not sure what settings are in effect, I'll check when I get home.
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    thanks guys.... but wait, are you saying that i should save the file in a differernt mode? (im on pc so i don't know qt much).... i sure dont have the tools, but the owner of the site (im only a developer) i think does have.... but what is the streaming mode, any keywords, so that i could tell him (we speak rus here, so keywords like mov, qt, and bitrate are fine for him, yet "resave the file using the steaming mode" is not, sorry)?

    thanks guys
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    It's a setting or option when saving the movie (in QuickTime Pro), a checkbox or radio button, can't remember which.

    I don't know how to say "use steaming mode" in Russian!

    Do svidaniya!
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