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Installation of Vanilla 1.1.4 Blank screen

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Ok, bit of a newbie question here, Im sure. We had been using 0.9.2 on our server, no problems. We decided to add a few extensions, but thought now was a good time to upgrade to 1.1.4 then add them in. So I copied out the settings, deleted the entire forum (it is a test forum, so we didnt backup databases or anything, as it wasnt required) and downloaded a fresh copy of 1.1.4. I unzipped the package, and installed it on the server. No problems so far. Then I started up the forum, and went into the installation page for 1.1.4 as expected.

But from here, no matter if I click the upgrade option, or the fresh install option, I go to the following page (installer.php) and it is just a blank screen. no error messages. nothing, just a blank screen.

Have checked and set permissions.

have deleted all and downloaded a new copy and reinstalled it on the server

Checked requirements, we have MySQL 4.1.20 and PHP 4.3.9. no problems there...

Am a bit stuck... Any ideas ????


  • Ok, some more info... any suggestions???

    PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare clone() (previously declared in /var/www/html/includes/init/functions.php:8) in /var/www/html/htdocs/forum/library/Framework/Framework.Functions .php(88) : eval()'d code on line 2, referer:
  • Edit your Framework.Functions.php file and change this line (around line 88):if (version_compare(phpversion(), '5.0') < 0) {

    As so:if (!function_exists('clone') && version_compare(phpversion(), '5.0') < 0) {

    I think something in your server configuration is causing something else to try and emulate that function.
  • Thanks so very much, that was the problem... I was getting frustrated at my lack of progress, but I wouldnt have found that one...

    Thanks again...

  • Hello everyone:O)

    I have similar problems:

    I just installed Vanilla and it looked fine until I actually opened the administrator and tried to go to the Discussions. Surprisingly I can not open this tab. It gives me the error: "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ',', expecting '(' in /hermes/web09/b2468/as.newsshower/public_html/Forum-Heliocentrism/bootstrap.php on line 64"

    The site Url is: and I cannot open that either.

    However, I am able to log in as an administrator at

    I am lost, please, help.
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