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can't sign in

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I've installed vanilla for the first time on my server. Everything goes well until I try to sign in on the /people.php page. I can't login but there aren't any errors. I've read all the posts and tried '' for cookie_domain as well as ' ' and all other suggestions I could find -still can't sign in. I'm guessing I'm having a problem because I've got a multiple website hosting plan and installed vanilla in a folder serving a domain other than my primary domain. ( Any ideas on how to get things working from here. (I just want to test from here before moving to a dedicated host) thanks in advance


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    your cookie settings should be "" (not
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    you know, I tried that and every other combination I could think of for COOKIE_DOMAIN, COOKIE_PATH, WEB_ROOT, BASE_URL etc it must be some combination of 2 or more settings that need to match for it to work anyone else get it working in this type of setup?
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    cookie_domain: cookie_path: /domain/
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    I've got it on the same type of setup. Cookie domain should be the domain you access the forum through, and patch should be either '/' or the folder the forum is accessed through.

    i.e. should have for the cookie domain, and /forum/ for the cookie path.
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    I have a sign in problem that I'd appreciate some guidance on please.

    Recently my hosting service changed servers and all us users had to migrate our websites and forums across. I managed this OK (after a few hassles) and took the opportunity to do a complete re-install of the latest Vanilla software. (I felt I had some bugs in the existing files because I may have fiddled with things.) I copied the DB across and everything came up roses. Until today.

    The forum isn't really in use at the moment, so I went to go in today as Admin to do some tidying up, but I couldn't get in - I got an error message saying the password & username didn't match, and even when I requested a new password and used that, I still couldn't get in. I tried a second account I have for testing, and I was signed in OK, but when I logged out and tried to sign in again as that user, I got the same error message, which really made me think.

    I wondered whether it could be a cookies problem, in which case I might have to check with my service provider whether I have the right Cookie Domain and Cookie Path. Does anyone who knows more than I do about this (which is pretty much everyone!) know if that seems like the problem, or maybe something else? Thanks.
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    edited November 2008
    Reinstall people (library/People), then check that the database has been upgraded (the type of the Password column in the LUM_User table should be VARCHAR(34)). If it is still VAR(32) see this post:
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    Thanks a lot for your prompt attention. I can see from the topic you referenced that you've had a lot of requests. I really do appreciate your efforts.

    The good thing is, I seem to have it working. Reinstall files didn't change anything, but manually changing the variable from 32 to 34 did the trick (thanks for the code, I couldn't have done that myself), although I had to email myself to set a new password before it worked. Thanks again.
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    edited November 2008
    Many people who have moved and updated the forum at the same time had this problem. To avoid these problems you should update before backing-up your database or after installing the database on the new server.

    Every user that logged-in on your forum since you moved and upgraded your forum will have to request a new password.
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