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how do i edit others forum preferences?

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how do i edit others forum preferences?
or better yet
how do i change the default forum preferences for all the users?

thank you


  • if you have access to the database, you could give a user the certain set of preferences you desire and then from phpMyAdmin update all users' preferences field with that exact serialized array I don't know if there is a better way, but you can test first with just a couple of users and see if it works
  • i might have access, i dunno
    but i have never tried that b4
    is it possible to have like an addon for this?
    or if there is another way (like editing some files to set what to be as default preferences)

  • Isnt there a default preference extension?
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    nope it does not do that
    the title is very misleading
    try it
    see if it does what you think it does


    so is anyone able to do this?
    it would be REALLY nice of anyone to help me out
  • Which preference are you trying to change? I must say I dont think I've ever found anyone's writing style quite as irritating as yours. What's with all the line breaks?
  • the user wall. I want it to be enabled, and if the users don't want it enabled, they can then disable it
  • Well if you have the global preference extension installed, change TurnOnUserWall to 1. Otherwise open up the default.php of the userwall extension, find this line: $PreferencesForm->AddPreference('UserWall', 'Pref_TurnOnUserWall_Text', 'TurnOnUserWall', 0); and change it to $PreferencesForm->AddPreference('UserWall', 'Pref_TurnOnUserWall_Text', 'TurnOnUserWall', 1);
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    what? the global preference extension does that? i tried using it, but i don't remember there being a choice to do that maybe i should download and re-upload it i will see thanks a bunch for the help ^_^ thank you so much oh umm now is there a way to change everyone's preference of it now i believe this changes it so that any new members who register are automatically with an enabled wall so what about the members who i already have? is there a way to change their preference? thanks
  • I think either of those methods will change it for any users who havent already explicitly set their choice.
  • aa i see thanks
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