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No options for posting? Does this require an upgrade?

Does the basic vanilla not enable images/hotlinks/email or the other normal forum buttons?


  • Like rich text editors? i have downloaded every add-on with similar description but they look just like this text box; text only, no images no hot links...
  • What about FCK editor or tinymce?
  • I have both enabled and checked but still no options on test posts
  • I cant tell without a login to your forum but before you do anything else i'd recommend you change the folder to your forum to either just vanilla or forum or something.
  • That is my second problem, when i move it to my / directory how do i change the settings to adapt to the new url
  • You'd be best just installing it there in the first place. It's possible to change the settings but it's a bit tricky and if you cant get extensions going I wouldnt like to place bets how successfully you'd be able to do it.
  • How do you install it there? what designation do you give the file when you unpack it?
  • What do you mean by designation?
  • the server asks where you want to unpack teh files to, what do you type there? simply a: /?
  • but that aside, any ideas why the forum wont allow posting HTML and the like?
  • i can get all the other extensions to work but those
  • I sure don't know what you mean, but I would try "/"
  • what i mean is: how do you change your forum from to just:
  • the easiest way (as mentioned above), would be to install it in "/" rather than "/forum/"
  • too late for that i am afraid. Changing it doesnt seem to be an option i guess
  • is this an already-in-action forum? What I meant was to delete the folder /vanilla/ and the MySQL db, and start fresh w/ a new db, but in the root directory.
  • ok then how do you point your browser to that location for the setup? normally it would be
  • it would be , the forum doesn't have to be in a folder vanilla, all the files can sit in the root.
  • Might I also suggest that you investigate your roles and permissions settings pages to make sure the correct roles have the correct permissions for any new extensions.
  • i appreciate the comments and suggestions. I was able to get the extension working. I love Vanila and the community thanks again
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