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So i finally got s2k3 installed...

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Anyone care to explain why microsoft finally sat down at a board meeting and thought 'ooh, i know, lets make the least compatable piece of software ever.'?


  • They are morons. I have nothing good to say about their software. I think the company is great. I mean... look at them. They own the general computing market. That is some accomplishment. But, their software is shit (sorry mark... I know you used to work there).
  • oh, c'mon! they wrote notepad!!
  • microsoft 1, nathan 1 dead even.
  • After some digging i've got stuff working now. And its not as dreadful. It is still pretty incompatable though. Ugh. I'll have to see how stable it is.
  • good luck!
  • Well the scariest moment of my life was going in to a hospital and saw some windows machines in there booting up. I hear they uses souls to compile Windows *scared*
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited September 2005
    I love microsoft software nowadays. Back in the day their software (and the operating system in particular) was awful. Oh, how I hated that blue screen of death. But lately I've been more and more impressed with their stuff. I never have compatibility issues anymore. The most impressive feat they've accomplished over the last few years that I've been witness to is this: Whenever I go to my parent's house, my mom and dad have a new gadget or even a new computer set up on a network - and everything is working. The fact that *my parents* don't need my help with their computers anymore is simply amazing to me, and that is all thanks to Windows. So yeah, props to them for saving me those tech support calls from my folks.
  • Well what is more amazing than their networking (trust me I still do plenty of tech support at home and work) is their advancements on other areas than their OS' Like the new XNA, seems spiffy, and Visual Studio seems actually helpful, well, ok, helpful to the rare animal known as programmer on windown platform I guess, and their work on DirectX (I think they are going to introduce the 'Windows Graphics Foundation' or something like that) is just staggering. But I'm so very, very disappointed on their feeble attempts to pimp their OS and IE is just a major pain in the ass, not to mention their irritating attempts to cash in on areas they know nothing about, like server software, leave the sharp things for big boys and do what you do best, is my advice to MS right about now.
  • Yeah mark - XP is pretty compatable with most things, and i like it myself but for some reason as soon as anyone else touches my pc (literally. my brother came home for the weekend, logged onto msn, my pc shat itself and explorer refused to load from then on) it breaks. So i thought I'd try changing to a piece of server software as i expect it to be more reliable. I didnt expect it to be quite so incompatable though. In any event i have eventually got most my stuff working except my bluetooth stack :(
  • you sound like one of those people that just has baaad compumojo....
  • haha. I'm fine. its other people. honest.
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