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Facebook Connect (Myspace, google): Whats in for vanilla?

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After all the big 3 in social networking have announced that they will allow data from communities such as facebook to be portable to 3rd party sites...... I wonder what will be possible for vanilla forums? I dont know enough about the pssibilities: For example: Will it be possible for example to allow people use their facebook logins to log into my installation of vanilla and post their stuff there? Could this be made possible with a vanilla plugin? What other possibilities do the developers here on this forum see for this?


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    It might not be possible:
    The bigger downside of Friend Connect is that Websites using it cannot mash up the data with their own to make compelling new applications. Glazer confirmed that the data will be sent to third party sites via an iframe rather than directly through a set of APIs [From the techcrunch article ]
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    it has been a while since i posted this question. As Facebook Connect has been introduced into a few sites now and google friend connect is coming up I think its time to revive this question. Mos integrations at the moment make it possible to log in to a site with your facebook ID instead of having to create a new log in id...... of course a huge plus as many people just dont want to take the time of signing up and almost everybody these days already has a Facebook account (or google account that is). I am using on my website and looking at the forum over there this question has also been asked.Disqus apparently is in the works to integrate facebook connect soon..... So if this is possible to integrate in an app like disqus, shouldnt it be possible to also do this for vanilla? I heard that facebook connect is starting out with a few bif partner sites at the moment....... but later on, websites of all sizes will be able to get access to the features... So it looks like at the moment it will not be possible but in the future there will be ways to integrate this. Any thoughts on this? Will we see this in the forseeable future for vanilla??
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    I'm trying to integrate Wordpress & Vanilla logins and offer Facebook Connect as an option for logging in to the integrated system. I haven't had success doing it all yet.

    So far I have:
    - FB Connect working with Wordpress (thanks to the Facebook Connect Wordpress Plugin).
    - WP & Vanilla sharing a database (per many Wordpress integration threads on this forum). Users who sign up at WP or Vanilla can login to either system separately, but not together. The only exception for users logging into Vanilla is that FB Connect users can't seem to get in.

    I'm going to investigate more cause I really think this would be a dynamite combed system. ANY ideas, thoughts or direction would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Using the Using the
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    Anyone figure out how to integrate FB connect to vanilla? I am more than willing to pay someone to do this for me!
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    Paying eh? Drop me a line...
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    I'm wondering if this effort should be put toward Vanilla 2.0 (or Garden)?
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    This is in the cards, yes.
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    500 Million Users on Facebook say make this a priority.
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