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Quick register

edited June 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hello everyone,

I want it to make super easy and quick for people to register. The form should be on the Vanilla index, and have only three fields:
1. desired username
2. email
3. password

After the visitor has filled these three fields, he/she will click "Register" and will be automatically logged into his/hers new account.

How to go about this?


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    you might want to take a look at & adapt this one: (sorry for the spam :P)
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    That's a login, I need register. What would I need to add/change in order to turn it into a registering form?
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    well instead of adding the signin form, add
    $ApplyForm = $Context->ObjectFactory->CreateControl($Context, "ApplyForm", "ApplicationForm");

    with a bit of css, could work
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    I tried just adding it where I'd like the form to appear but nothing happened..
    Add that where, miquel? And should it be wrapped in something?
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    where do you want it to appear?

    have you looked at the extension I mentioned? maybe you could also want to take a look at Guest Sign In, which adds a login form in the sidebar

    if you don't want to deep into the code, just give me more details and I'll try to get it

    the extension I made, just displays the same login form that appears on people.php when logging in, but css'd to fit more or less, the default vanilla styling. so changing the position (the weight) where the control (the login form) is displayed will affect in which part of the html structure will be 'echoed', tweaking its css, will affect in which part of the result page will be displayed

    hope it cleared something ;)
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    Ah ok, starting to get it now. But when I change that line you posted above in your extension, it didn't give me the registering form - it displayed nothing.

    This is your extension code:

    if($Context->Session->UserID == 0 and $Context->SelfUrl != 'people.php') { if(isset($Head)) $Head->AddStyleSheet('extensions/DirectMenuSignIn/style.css'); $SignInForm = $Context->ObjectFactory->CreateControl($Context, "SignInForm", "frmSignIn"); $Page->AddRenderControl($SignInForm, $Configuration["CONTROL_POSITION_HEAD"] + 1); if($Context->SelfUrl == 'index.php') $Context->PageTitle = $Context->GetDefinition('AllDiscussions'); } ?>

    To what should I change it to?
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    well, almost at first sight, it should be something like:if($Context->Session->UserID == 0 and $Context->SelfUrl == 'index.php') { if(isset($Head)) $Head->AddStyleSheet('extensions/name_of_the_extension/style.css'); $ApplyForm = $Context->ObjectFactory->CreateControl($Context, "ApplyForm", "ApplicationForm"); $Page->AddRenderControl($ApplyForm, $Configuration["position_in_the_html_structure"] + 1); }
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    Nope, says this error about the line below:

    "Notice: Undefined index: position_in_the_html_structure"

    $Page->AddRenderControl($ApplyForm, $Configuration["position_in_the_html_structure"] + 1);
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    edited May 2008
    well instead of $Configuration["position_in_the_html_structure"] + 1 you can put any number that will play as its weight, the lower the weight, the higher the control will display. if you want to see an example in here
    well sorry, in this case it seems to be just the other way round, just run some tests ;)
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    Ahh ok, but no luck still. No error, no nothing this time. Tried different positions too, this is the full default.php atm:

    <?php /* Extension Name: Direct Menu Sign In Extension Url: N/A Description: Adds a sign in form to the top menu if the person viewing the forum doesn't have an active session. Version: 0.1 Author: miquel Author Url: N/A Code & Inspiration from Mark O'Sullivan & WallPhone (GuestSignIn extension) Portions Copyright 2003 - 2005 Mark O'Sullivan */ if($Context->Session->UserID == 0 and $Context->SelfUrl == 'index.php') { if(isset($Head)) $Head->AddStyleSheet('extensions/name_of_the_extension/style.css'); $ApplyForm = $Context->ObjectFactory->CreateControl($Context, "ApplyForm", "ApplicationForm"); $Page->AddRenderControl($ApplyForm, $Configuration["CONTROL_POSITION_MENU"] + 1); } ?>
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    well make sure that AddStyleSheet('extensions/name_of_the_extension/style.css');is set up correctly to the path wher the css file is, and also be careful to change the name of the extension if you also have the other one enabled
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    OK, fixed the CSS path but still shows nothing. GuestSignIn disabled.
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    try to comment out the css line, so no stylesheet is added. does now the form displays itself anywhere on the page?
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    Nope, still missing in action.
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    edited May 2008
    Anyone? How to have the application/registering form appear on the main Vanilla forum?
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    Anyone? *sad puppy eyes*
    I've tried all I can with my limited code knowledge.
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    I don't know why you would want it there any more prominently than it is already.
    A link to that form is all you need, why take up space with it on the main page?

    However I'm sure there's a way to do it, you'll have to wait for a better qualified person to reply though.
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    Could still use a hand with this.
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