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Deleting Specific Users



  • I'm all for deleting a user and all their posts and comments with a click, no need to keep it if its not relevant, I know there are those who believe all posts are relevant but its not necessary to keep it if the user is no longer exsiting
  • ithcyithcy New
    edited September 2006
    go have a look around any public forum, no matter what software it's running. you'll find comments from people who are "no longer registered", "no longer active", "banned" - but their posts haven't been deleted and neither have their accounts. this is not just a Vanilla quirk. it's common sense.

    "its not necessary to keep it if the user is no longer exsiting" - of course it is necessary. the comments of deleted users are still an integral part of the conversations they took part in.

    it's funny that the argument people use to support adding things like a quote feature to this community is the same argument i use to argue against user/comment deletion. "it's too hard to follow a conversation without quotes", people are fond of saying. well, maybe you should try following a conversation where half the referenced comments have vanished because the admin suddenly decided it was OK to delete all traces of a user.
  • I agree to some extent what you are saying itchy, better for the admin to have the option to delete illreveant posts, and leave ones that are, goes back to my "clean up posts day" but I suppose it is a preference to keep stuff, community is more important than posts if you ask me, I think some forum owners miss that, they put more emphasis on words than members, I would set it up where if a member no longer exists their posts get deleted too but have a way to drop any good posts to another category or something,

    @its funny the arguments people use - ever consider maybe they are not arguments ?
    why does everything have to be labeled as an argument, can't people just talk without it being labeled ? I think the word argument is used when someone's ego is too large to accept that someone else may think completely different

    I couldn't resist I know ;-)
  • ithcyithcy New
    edited September 2006
    um no.

    i think maybe you need a dictionary. "argument" does not mean "disagreement" or "fight". //i'll let you look it up
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