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Bridging Vanilla with Joomla 1.5

edited May 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I have trying to bridge Joomla 1.5 with Joomla by reworking the older bridge and using hints from the default login manager of Joomla and Vanilla. Reworking the old vanilla bridge I successfully logged into Joomla. My next step was to simultaneously login to Vanilla. I found that people.php the default login manager initially imports init_people.php, which sets up a context for the vanilla factory which creates a peoplesession, the factory object calls the start function of the peoplesession which checks the authenticator (basicly to see if the persistent login cookie is set) this gave me the idea of simply setting the login cookie with the joomla user id. etc. So this means I would have to import the init_vanilla.php file (which does other stuff including setting up some basic framework for the page) so instead I decided to make a copy uf init_vanilla.php and import that. I found that when importing it into my com_vanilla file (reworked to be more like the default joomla login manager) that the default page wouldn't load. I narrowed it down by selectively commenting out everything in the init file then adding each thing imported one by one. When the database class of the vanilla library is imported it fails to load the default page after logging into joomla using the new bridge. So I did so more investigation and found there is also a legacy database class in Joomla which extends from jdatabase, but I was unable to determine where it is used in Joomla 1.5 or even if it is so I decided to change it's name and test. This didn't seem to break anything in Joomla (I did not test extensively) but when I imported the database class into my com_vannilla it still fails at that point not loading the default page. The database class in vanilla doesn't seem to do anything and must use the default constructor so I'm at odds why importing it would cause problems when I illiminated the suspected name conflict. Anyhow any ideas.


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    Hey ripspinner, looks like you've done some good work so far. Mind if I take a look at the work you've done so far? I might be able to help.
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    any luck? any updates?
    from what i've seen from joomla's extensions page, there doesn't seem to be any update to the bridge created for 1.0 - i hope someone can prove me wrong. joomla needs vanilla desperately!
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    Hello people, I am wondering if this has been integrated yet? I would help in any way possible if needed. Vanilla, from what I see is the best forum solution out there. I currently have it "wrapped" in a Joomla page, but it's not at all efficient, as the user has to create a new account and login twice. Please, please please say someone is working on this??? I don't think the guys at lussumo are doing any work related to the Joomla port. They are (and this comes form a trusted inside source) too busy with the release of Vanilla2 to bother with anything else...
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