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Banner image

edited September 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hello I managed to put a banner image on a forum that I installed for a little alliance in ogame. The problem is that when the login and logout pages appear, the same banner shows up. How can I set up a different image for the login and logout pages? Thanks! ps. ... great forum. i love it.


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    Did you make this banner show up using an extension as shown in Theme Changes? This is the best method to do so for reasons explained on that page.

    If you added your banner image via manipulation of a theme file (themes/head.php), you will need to revert those changes and follow the walkthrough above.
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    <img src="/images/header.png" /> i added that in the Application Settings "Banner Title". :)
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    that's the best way, if your banner replaces the title (unlike the lussumo banner).
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    yeah .. but it also replaces the image in the login and logout section. how do i remove the image from the login page ? anybody know?
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    hehe, my mistake. I make terminology as "black & white" as possibly, so when I see "banner" I immediately think of something that goes across the screen and contains links to various places on a website.

    I missed the word "image" in your first comment which threw me off :) Unfortunately, the people pages (login/logout pages) are pretty locked down and so an extension can't be created to complete your request.

    In fact, on further research, I found a bug that won't allow extensions to work on people pages: Once the bug is fixed it would be a simple matter of creating an extension to change BANNER_TITLE when people.php is loaded.

    The following extension will not work with the current version of Vanilla 1.1.4. It should be fixed in the next release (1.1.5).<?php /* Extension Name: People Banner Replacement Extension Url: Description: Changes the default banner title on the people pages Version: 1.0 Author: Matthew Pietz Author Url: N/A */ if (!array_key_exists('PEOPLE_BANNER_TITLE', $Context->Configuration)) { AddConfigurationSetting($Context, 'PEOPLE_BANNER_TITLE', 'Change \'PEOPLE_BANNER_TITLE\' to your title'); AddConfigurationSetting($Context, 'PEOPLE_USE_EXTENSIONS', 1); } if ($Context->SelfUrl === 'people.php') { function PeopleBanner_PreRender_Replace(&$Filler) { $Filler->Properties['_OldBannerTitle'] = $Filler->Context->Configuration['BANNER_TITLE']; $Filler->Context->Configuration['BANNER_TITLE'] = $Filler->Context->Configuration['PEOPLE_BANNER_TITLE']; } function PeopleBanner_PostRender_Restore(&$Filler) { if (array_key_exists('_OldBannerTitle', $Filler->Properties)) { $Filler->Context->Configuration['BANNER_TITLE'] = $Filler->Properties['_OldBannerTitle']; unset($Filler->Properties['_OldBannerTitle']); } } $Context->AddToDelegate('Filler', 'PreRender', 'PeopleBanner_PreRender_Replace'); $Context->AddToDelegate('Filler', 'PostRender', 'PeopleBanner_PostRender_Restore'); } /* vim: set noet sw=8 ts=8 nowrap: */All you have to do once this extension is installed and running is to go to your conf/settings.php file and change/add the configuration key 'PEOPLE_BANNER_TITLE' to whatever you want.
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    cool ... i ll try that thank you
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    RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    edited September 2008
    Why don't you just get rid of the login/logout page altogether (p.s. it's called people.php)

    I used the GuestSignIn extension by Wallphone instead. It shows the login fields in the left panel so that the member never has to leave the main forum area.

    Check it out see what you think:
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