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Setting Categories page as homepage...sigh

edited September 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I swear I've read through every related comment and thread on making the Categories page the forum homepage and NOTHING is working! Why is this so hard? Some mentioned there being an option in admin settings to easily choose your own homepage...I have the latest version of Vanilla and I don't see anything like that.

I've tried the .htaccess route as detailed on this page:

That left my Discussions tab dead - couldn't access Discussions anymore.

I've tried installing CategoryPageFirst and Discussion Heading, similar results. CategoryPageFirst made the Discussions tab dead, and while I like Discussion Heading I think it's confusing to have all the categories listed on the Discussion page and then again on the Categories page.

And I've read through each and every one of these related links:

I've spent hours trying to figure this out I completely missing the catch-all solution? There have been so many queries about this, surely it's been figured out by now! If you have the answer, do tell.


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    have you tried 'default page' addon?
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    You rule. I hadn't seen that mentioned in any of the threads and I didn't see it when I searched for relevant add-ons. I've just installed it and it seems to be doing the trick. THANK YOU.

    Add-on link:
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    I'd like to second that this is unnecessarily difficult. The plugin worked well though.
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    Does anyone have an example of an edited "default.php" file? OR, can you clear up my confusion? First I uploaded the "default.php" file just as is into the "/path/to/vanilla/extensions/DefaultPage/default.php" directory per the instructions, then I went in and checked the check box for "Extensions DefaultPage 1.2.5" and nothing happened. Then I edited the "default.php" file so that it would point to the correct page 'Categories' and still nothing happens. Thank you!
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    you shouldn't need to edit the default.php this is the code of the extension, that should be enabled when you check the checkbox in the settings page.
    to check if that works, take a look at your /path/to/vanilla/conf/extensions.php there you'd have a line containing include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."DefaultPage/appendix.php");if that line exists, then just go to the settings page and you'll see on the panel a link to the management area of the Default Page extension, where you'll be able to introduce the url you want to be the default page for guest and for registered users

    hope it helps!
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    Prior to uploading the new "defaultpage.php" file, the "extensions.php" file had the following: <?php // Make sure this file was not accessed directly and prevent register_globals configuration array attack if (!defined('IN_VANILLA')) exit(); // Enabled Extensions ?> After uploading the new "defaultpage.php" file, the "extensions.php" file now has: <?php // Make sure this file was not accessed directly and prevent register_globals configuration array attack if (!defined('IN_VANILLA')) exit(); // Enabled Extensions include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."DefaultPage/default.php"); ?> It does not have "appendix.php". Should I manually change it? Thanks!
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    edited September 2008
    Oops. Okay, now I have the Default Page selection in the management panel. I just entered categories.php in both places - for members and guests. However, now when I go to the forum without logging in I can't see the Categories at all. They are non-existant. It works perfectly when logging in. And, yes, I have the "Allow non-members to browse the forum" checkbox checked. What's the next missing piece? Thank you!
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    go to settings-> roles & permissions and check whether the unauthenticated role is able to access the categories page
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    The only thing the screen shows is "Roles & Permissions" Roles=Unauthenticated and Role Name=Unauthenticated [Save]. There are no available Roles and Permissions like there are for the members. And as I mentioned before, yes the check box is checked for "Allow non-members to browse the forum". It is almost as if the Roles and Permissions is not being triggered by the checkbox setting. I have tried unchecking it, saving it, and re-checking it and saving it, but at no avail.
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    Try looking in the category settings screen. I think Unauthenticated role has permissions on that one?
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    Sneeky :-) You are absolutely correct. I never would have thought or expected to look there. THANKS!!
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